Clara & Mason

Clara & Mason

Four Years Later – Clara’s P.O.V.

“Don’t you dare, little witch.” Mason warned in a low voice.

A shiver worked it’s way down my spine when he placed his hand against my back. Even through the thin fabric of the dress I wore, I could feel the heat he exuded. One of the first things I’d learned about Werewolves was that they ran hot.

Despite how hard I tried, a smile worked it’s way onto my face. My chest quite literally ached with the urge to cackle, but I couldn’t help it. It’s not my fault Tristan’s expression was absolutely to die for. Even Lola was having a hard time containing herself, snickering behind her hand as she watched the scene unfold.

Tristan had been locked in place for the last minute in a half, staring at Holly like she had grown three extra heads. No one could blame the poor guy considering he was the only one who didn’t know his mate was pregnant.

“You’re pregnant.” He repeated for the thirteenth time.

A laugh exploded from my mouth seconds before Ma
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goodnovel comment avatar
Yay! I’m glad Mason finally found his happily ever after
goodnovel comment avatar
Klaudia Stamatakis
sharkie, right? also the names just seem really random. I kinda want to know why they are those. I mean they just seem very out of place. I don't know. eh anyway at least mason got his happy ending (:
goodnovel comment avatar
klaudia!!Klaudia!!! SAME!!!! the boys name should've been Sean FOR SURE!

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