Chapter 170

‘Absolutely not.’

There was no room for argument, no room for negotiation within the gruff plains of his voice. Not a single shred of remorse or sympathy was viable within his words, nothing I could play on or entice to change his mind.

‘Asher, come on. I have to do this—’

‘You don’t have to do shit.’ He snarled, the sound raising each and every hair on my body until I felt like I’d touched a live wire. ‘You can wait until we get back, then we can assemble an actual team to accompany us.’

‘It’ll be too late by then. I’ve already told you that they change the location of their lairs. If I don’t act now, they’ll move somewhere else and then we’ll never find them. How can you not understand that?’ I barked, frustration sharpening my voice and tinting my vision in a dull shade of red.

I was being insensitive, uncaring of the fact that he’d gone through so much while I was held captive by my father, but Asher was being so damn stubborn.

‘I might be stubborn, but I’m not reckless. I don’t l
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Rafaella Vittoria
listen to your mate girl, wait for him. don't trust Rowena
goodnovel comment avatar
here's what I don't understand... why can't she use the shadows to find the vampires wherever they might go? they literally exist everywhere and nowhere at once.

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