Chapter 413

Louise invited the doctor into the office.

"Have a look at her. She's having a fever." Henry's deep voice was like a cello, so cold and attractive, but there was some warmth in his tone.

Henry got up and stared at Monique with a serious look.

Louise remained standing in the same spot, finally able to recognize Monique as the woman lying on the bed.

Louise knew Monique's relationship with the chairman, so she was not surprised to find her lying in his bed. Instead, she wondered why Monique was lying in bed so sick.

'I thought she was working in the planning department?'

Louise could sense the malice emanating from Henry's stunning look, which wore a calm expression. 'Is he worried about Monique?'

Tons of questions floated in Louise's mind.

It looked like Louise was summoned to take care of Monique.

Louise peeked at Mr. Moore and saw his gaze fully focused on Monique. Louise could feel the concern and love he had for Monique, despite his emotionless expression.

The doctor perfo
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