Chapter 1549

This was the third time that Su Chen had been ignored.

Mandy's heart ached for Su Chen.

Since Mr. Su came in, Chairman Moore had never been nice to him.

He even rejected all the conditions proposed by the Su Group.

He was strang along by Chairman Moore.

Mandy began to doubt how such an easy-going person could expand his business in other cities.

"President Su, this way please."

No matter how many doubts Mandy had in her heart, she still did her duty and politely sent her out.

"Thank you."

Su Chen thanked him like a gentleman.

He didn't vent his anger on the people around him because of Henry's attitude.

Mandy once again sighed with emotion. President Su really had good temper.


As soon as Henry returned to the office, he received a call from Li Sheng.

"Concerning one of those accounts, it has transferred five million US dollars were to a company owned by Moore Enterprises in the name of engineering founds. I've sent the company's name to your email.

"If we can find ou
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