Chapter 1864

“Aren’t they such a lovely couple?

“We’ll fulfill their dreams when the time comes. Let’s make them die embracing each other!


While imagining ways to trample on Harvey York, a scornful smile leaked from Angelina John’s face.

Angelina’s body suddenly froze in the middle of her speech and fell right onto the hospital bed again.

Justin Walker subconsciously looked over and saw the smile on her face froze over. The sight was truly eerie.

Her hands reached out like chicken claws. Even though the pose seemed quite threatening, she was no longer able to recover from it.

The high and mighty Angelina was swallowed entirely by fear when she mustered all of her strength to wail in pain.

“Justin! I’m out of time!

“Accept his conditions! All of it!

“Let him heal me! Hurry!”


The following day, early in the morning, Harvey nonchalantly walked with Kait Walker into the Fraternity Hospital VIP sickroom after having breakfast.

Harvey had his phone turned off last night. There wer
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