Noble Husband At the Door

Noble Husband At the Door

By:  The Last Man  Completed
Language: English
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After three years of living with my wife’s family, everyone thought they could treat me like a pushover. Me? I’m just waiting for her to hold my hand before I can give her the world.

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Lynn Casey
worst ending ever. spent countless hours reading And hundreds spent as well.. for this? wow
2024-06-19 21:48:35
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Sharon Andrew
I stop reading this book for a year. Came back just to see if this book is completed. But nope. I guess it will never end.
2023-08-18 03:51:37
user avatar
U broke all ur meridian but not ur wisdom n conscience, NO? U've been deceived by some beauties b4, trapped u n used u. u never learn fr ur lesson n gonna be deceived again?
2023-06-02 18:41:23
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Regin Puenliona Ceballos
nice story... and I hope he could not marry to another girl that can hurt to Yvonne's heart...
2023-05-28 07:29:15
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Grace Pais
who is the writer?
2023-03-29 22:20:05
user avatar
Irene Mhume
it is a lovely book
2023-03-10 22:04:23
user avatar
Joseph M Rogano
i cant stop reading it, it gives me inspiration and enthusiam everytime
2023-02-13 02:30:49
user avatar
Ariel Chavez
I love reading this books,its very interesting,
2023-02-07 08:58:00
user avatar
Trying reading "Taste of Luna's Lips" there is daily updated and good story line
2023-02-02 02:43:59
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Banin SN
Read "The Billionaire Husband in Disguise". It won't repeat the same storyline...
2023-01-15 10:04:11
user avatar
Best of Good Novel
2022-12-02 06:36:33
default avatar
Ahmed Tijani Abubakar
It’s a good novel
2022-11-28 20:35:09
default avatar
Jun Agascon Lopez
2022-11-27 08:25:40
default avatar
princess losaria
Interesting characters
2022-11-13 14:57:57
default avatar
Catherine Nunga
Good novel
2022-10-13 18:42:40
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6103 Chapters
Chapter 1 
"Young Master, you must head home with us. The Hannigan family needs you to preside over the general situation.""Your father is critically ill and your brother is in jail. You’re the only one who can support the Hannigan family.""Your grandma said that we have to bring you back with us."In Cloud City’s Olive Street, Samuel Hannigan—who held a gift box and was dressed in clothes bought from a roadside stall—had an indifferent expression."I've never been one to wheedle with flowery speech ever since I was a child. I can never win her over. My big brother was adored greatly, and my grandmother kicked me out of the Hannigan family because she was afraid that I’d take my brother's position as heir."I’ve been living with the Sue family for three years and suffered so much humiliation. When has the Hannigan family ever shown me care? She was the one who forced me to leave the family, and now she says she wants me to go back? What does she take me for? A dog?"All I want is to be left alo
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Chapter 2
"You fart. Grandma hasn't drunk any tea for the past two years. Why would I even harm her?" Harvey said with a panicked expression and seemed anxious to defend himself, which gave people the impression that he was hiding something. "Oh, so that’s it." Samuel nodded, then remarked as though he had a sudden realization, "You know that grandma doesn't drink tea anymore, so you’re using counterfeit goods to dupe an old woman like her. That eight hundred and eighty thousand bucks probably entered your own pocket."There was trepidation in Harvey's eyes. He looked as though he had a guilty conscience because Samuel’s remarks hit the nail on the head. Indeed, he bought some low-quality tea, but he was certain he would not be found out because his grandmother no longer drank tea anymore.He never expected Samuel to expose his lie when he showed off in front of Samuel and made a joke of Samuel in front of all his relatives!"Everything said by a piece of trash like you is nothing more than a m
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Chapter 3
"The Phoenix flies. A golden comb."The Phoenix attends the ceremony. One golden hairpin."Auspicious wishes. One jade abacus."Dragon-Phoenix pair. A pair of gold bracelets."Mandarin Ducks frolicking amidst lotuses. A set of golden bowls and chopsticks."...Members of the Sue family looked at each other after listening to the list of gifts. How could that be a gift to Grandmother Sue? It was practically a betrothal gift! "Cash betrothal, eight million eight hundred and eighty thousand."Everyone in the Sue family was stunned.When the bright red hundred-buck bills were placed in front of them, the entire hall fell silent and all that could be heard was some rapid breathing. At 8.88 million, that kind of money was an astronomical number for a second-rate family like the Sue family.Grandmother Sue got up on crutches and staggered to the person presenting those gifts. She asked excitedly, "Excuse me, who are you? And which of our Sue family’s girls have you fallen in love with?" Up
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Chapter 4
Inside the presidential suite of The Peninsula Hotel.A woman with exquisite makeup sat opposite Samuel. Gold and silver adorned her, while her gestures were all very feminine."Samuel, I’m very happy that you’re willing to come and see me." The woman's name was Gina Grant and she was Samuel's mother.Facing his biological mother whom he had not seen in three years, Samuel’s heart had no fluctuations; he did not even look at her."Who would’ve thought that I, the Hannigan family’s neglected youngest son, would one day be put to good use? I didn't expect it and neither did you." Samuel curled his mouth into a faint smile."Samuel, I know that what happened three years ago was very unfair to you, but your grandma is the one who decided it. My hands were tied," Gina said emotionally.Samuel shook his head and said, "Three years? I see. So in your eyes, the unfairness only started three years ago?"Thirteen years ago, when he was twelve years old, his name was only one on the birthday cake
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Chapter 5 
"Hey shopkeeper, one pack of cigarettes.""You’re so punctual every day."The shopkeeper lamented over at one of the small stores across the street from the Sue family’s company.Since that one day three years ago, that young man always appeared at the shop very punctually. He came every day for three years, whether rain or shine. The shopkeeper felt strange at first, but he gradually realized that the young man would leave whenever Yvonne left the company.The shopkeeper could guess Samuel’s identity, but it was never mentioned. Every family had experiences that were heart-wrenching to think about. The Sue family’s son-in-law was treated as a good-for-nothing by the entire Cloud City, and perhaps the young man did not want others to know about his identity."I have nothing to do anyway," Samuel said with a smile.The shopkeeper was a middle-aged man, and he admired Samuel's persistence very much. For three years, Samuel appeared on time at 4:30 every day and guarded Yvonne silently li
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Chapter 6
The next day, Harvey was sitting in his office when a phone call prompted him to burst into a fit of laughter. He was cackling so hard that his tears nearly came out.There were also a few of his peers from the Sue family around. They watched in confusion as Harvey laughed for no apparent reason."What happened, Harvey? What’s so funny?""Don't just laugh by yourself. Tell us too.""Yvonne didn’t get cold feet, did she?"Harvey clutched his stomach. "Oh man, my stomach is hurting from all that laughter. Yvonne really is a fool.""What the hell is going on? Can you just spill the details?" Several members of the Sue family were anxious like ants on top of a hot pan."This madwoman actually asked Samuel to drive her to Weakriver Real Estate on his electric bike. She’s having a stroke," Harvey said.A hearty laugh broke out in the office as soon as he finished his words. No one could hold back their laughter and they lost themselves in the laughter."HAHAHA! Will Weakriver Real Estate eve
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Chapter 7
With the contract secured, Yvonne walked out of Weakriver Real Estate as if her soul had been sucked out.Some guy who was sneaking around in the distance saw that scene and quickly took out his phone to report to Harvey.Harvey was very happy when he received that news. He planned to hold an internal meeting immediately, during which he would expel Yvonne from the Sue family."What's the matter?" Samuel walked up to Yvonne and looked at her despair. He wondered if Liam had not treated her well?"The contract had been signed," Yvonne looked at Samuel and said in a dull tone.Samuel smiled and said, "Since the contract has already been signed, why do you look so lifeless?"Yvonne was not lifeless. The feeling was simply too unreal for her; kind of like a dream.At that point, Yvonne's cell phone began ringing. After seeing the name Harvey, she said helplessly, "Harvey is a bit too excited.""Well, he’s surely in for a disappointment this time," Samuel replied."This is all your credit.
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Chapter 8
The old lady looked straight at Yvonne and even asked her assistant to bring her reading glasses over.The Sue family relatives craned their necks and wanted to see the contents of the contract, as they did not believe that Yvonne could actually negotiate for a collaboration. Almost everyone there showed up at Weakriver Real Estate, but they never even got to meet the boss. How could Yvonne manage to do so?Her status in the Sue family was a low one and she had always been unwelcomed. No one treated Yvonne as their relative, but what if she gets the attention of the old lady after negotiating the cooperation?Among them, the person who was most unwilling to believe it was Harvey. If Yvonne managed to negotiate the cooperation, it meant that in the future, he would have to serve tea to Yvonne and address her as Elder Sister Yvonne. It was humiliating for him."Yvonne, you forged a contract all by yourself? Who would want to believe you? I don’t think you’ve even met the owner of Weakriv
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Chapter 9
Several members of the Sue family stood up to speak for Harvey one after another. Yvonne smiled in anger after seeing how they imposed themselves due to their seniority. They were undoubtedly a bunch of shameless people. The agreement was Harvey’s suggestion, but she was the one who was accused of being in the wrong.Would those people stand up and speak for her if the negotiation failed and Harvey wanted to drive her out of the Sue family?"If you agree to bet, then you must accept your loss," the old lady said softly.As soon as that sentence was spoken, the relatives who had been speaking up for Harvey faded away at once. They dared not utter anymore nonsense.The discomfort in Harvey’s expression was as though he had eaten a pile of feces. Although he was incredibly reluctant, he would never dare to go back on his word after his grandmother had spoken.He earnestly brought Yvonne a cup of tea and called out extremely grudgingly, "Elder Sister Yvonne."With his head hung low, Harvey
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Chapter 10
"Grandma, are you really going to put Yvonne in charge of this?" Harvey said to Grandmother Sue as they sat in the living room.The old lady put on a righteous air and said, "Since Yvonne is the one who negotiated this, it’s only natural to hand it over to her. Is there a problem with that?""Mom, you have to think carefully about this matter. Yvonne’s a woman, after all. It won’t be good for Harvey if she gains clout in the company," Lionel Sue said.Grandmother Sue looked at the two men unhappily and said, "If there’s anything you wish to say, say it to my face. Don't beat around the bush.""Grandma, even though Samuel entered into our Sue family, he’s still an outsider at the end of the day. It has been three whole years and he hasn’t accomplished anything before. Aren’t you afraid that our Sue family's industry will fall into the hands of this outsider if Yvonne takes control of the company?" Harvey asked."Yvonne doesn’t feel anything for that piece of trash. If I didn’t attach an
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