Chapter 649

Everyone was looking at the direction where Harvey York was.

Even Mandy Zimmer furrowed her eyebrows.

In her eyes, Harvey always enjoyed bluffing and this trait of him simply boasting about anything wasn’t something that could be corrected in this life of his anymore.

“Pfft!” Conor Ward burst out laughing out of the blue. “Ha ha ha ha… What did you just say? You can attend the entrance examination anytime you like? Who do you think you are?

“I’m going to laugh till I die!

“Didn’t you know about this?

“There are only certain people who are qualified to participate in this entrance examination. Only the best ten soldiers of every army district have the chance to attend!

“Only among these selected people can bring three family members to attend this event!

“A mere live-in son-in-law and a garbage like you even wish to join?”

Harvey shrugged casually, “Yeah, you were also informed that you can bring up to three family members?”

“Besides, this time I’m specifically invited by some
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