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A NOVEL ON STOCKHOLM SYNDROME BOOK OF A THREE BOOK SERIES *TRIGGER WARNING* This book contains scenes that some readers may find disturbing… and also slightly annoying. “Miss. Iris, do you believe she has a point?” she asked and returned to her seat once again. “I don’t think so, her father and uncle deserve to go to jail.” My answer extracted a smile from her like she was proud of my response. “My name is Christine; I am a renowned medico-legal psychotherapist. Been in the business for over twenty years and that is what a case of Stockholm syndrome looks like. In my years of experience, we see situations similar to this but its our job to help the victims realize” “Wow…” I started, really amazed at what she had said and what her work entails. I was only concerned why they locked me in a room with a psychotherapist “it must be difficult at times” I added. “yeah, its difficult every time” she laughed “but today isn’t about me, I have a question for you.” There was a brief pause in between before she carried on “Does Hunter deserve to go to jail?”

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Kathleen Quinn
love it now to find book 3
2021-08-08 07:14:00
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Chiffon Nakia Ingram
good book, very captivating
2021-05-05 03:05:39
default avatar
Lee Minnix
Awesome book
2021-05-02 08:32:59
user avatar
Paula Thul
OMG! can't believe all she has been through! All she is still going through!
2021-04-29 18:09:07
user avatar
Omg love love love
2021-04-14 11:05:57
user avatar
laura avelar lopez
I love the story and I'm actually feeling bad for Hunter but it's like a love hate thing with his character. Iris will never be happy with Mason or Dylan and Hunter will never be truly happy with Michelle.
2021-04-14 01:04:03
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Bridget Roe
Will there be a sequel
2021-04-12 00:03:05
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These story is one of the best I have ever read. The highs the lows and everything in between,Brilliant! To the author: Thank you.
2021-03-30 20:56:20
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Devilish Angel
Loving this too 😍😍😍
2021-03-21 23:01:10
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Monique Gomez-Tromp
I am sobbing again. A total mess and I really do hope that once I finished the 3rd book I can finish with happy tears. I am happy with the characters you showed here. And though I was rooting and hoping for another couple I can understand why it did not work out.
2021-02-02 02:04:53
72 Chapters
    Sooooo......     Welcome to bullied series, part 2. Thanks for tapping on this book.   With much hope and anticipation, I'm here to say it has officially begun 😁  I wanted to use blues music for this entire book but unfortunately the past was filled with more love than hate 😒😒 so the book goes on music-less but if you feel you have any song that suits the chapter please endeavor to comment.    I know I said I'll wait till I have at least nineteen chapters up but I swear I tried!! I was just too impatient... 😔  It's finally completed and if you're reading this, then this book is undergoing editing or has already been edited. Please don't hesitate to point out errors and indicate suggestions.   Usual words. Please don't steal my work, blah blah blah.... I love you all for reading.
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" For the last time Louisa, if I get up that stairs you're gonna appear down magically!!" This is the second threat this morning and yet she's still up." Coming mummy!" came her tiny voice in a rush." You've been on your way for the past ten minutes, when is your train going to arrive!?" Taking the last sip of my coffee, I walked over to drop my dishes in the dishwasher." And it's arrived " Were her first words as she made her entrance into the kitchen.She sucked in her upper lip and batted her lashes at me like she usually does when she believes I'm angry at her.   Looking at her features, she reminds me of the reason why I changed her first name from June to Louisa, because she was a survivor.  At the age of five she was a lot smaller in stature than her mates and that caused a lot of worry from me and everyone else who cared, including my boss. S
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" You should come see the fountain, it's like..... Awesome!!" I laughed over the phone as I was packing up Louie and I's luggages." I see Cody, your explanation tells it all"   Cody was Dylan and Megan's baby cousin.  Yeah, I called him Dylan.  I decided to because it began to feel odd regarding him with his second name that people hardly knew.Back to Cody.Cody was five or six years, I can't really remember, but all i know is he's related to Megan's mom so now he's related to them.   After two months of moving to Bridgewaters, Megan's mom and Dylan's dad sealed the deal and got married so they all went back to Los Alamos, leaving I and Megan's grandma.  " But you haven't seen it, did I mention the decorations? Its like they're celebrating something everyday!"   W
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  How did I not connect this before?  I had met my parents employer when I was a little kid but ever since then, I bore too much hate to even think of seeing him again.  Plus it's not like they'll let me meet their boss, they felt like I'd spill the beans if granted opportunity.   And after they resigned, what business did I have with him. He was well known and all but he was never around Los Alamos, he just had workers all over handling the job for him. He and his wife were just, I don't know... Invincible?  This explains why my parents seemed indifferent when I told them of my employment. Asking if I was happy with the job and not if it's profitable.  But I'm literally the dumbest thing I can think of.  The striking resemblance to Louisa? Mr Brooks McConnell? I'm so stupid! 
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" It says here you have eight years of working experience?" Hunter inquired raising his head from the paper he's spent five minutes observing." Well yes, it's clearly written there"   He dropped the paper on the desk and placed his hands on the table to address me. With both palms clasped together, he continues questioning." You were to graduate from the University only a year ago, based on the course you intended to pursue in high school. Entrepreneurship I believe?"" Yes that's true and-" " And it says here eight years?" He piped up to interrupt my relay."Well I left school four years ago.""It doesn't still add up" He perked" Back in school, I used to work part-time at a restaurant " " Thats refutable, So you never graduated?"Yeah, cause of you." Yes, but- " I w
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" Louisa.... Baby wake up " I cooed into the sleeping girls ear." No. Pillow. Soft"  she moaned softly and adjusted her position to cuddle with a nearby pillow.  I really do not have time for this." Okay, here we go " I dragged her off the bed by her feet and she landed with a thump on the ground with her bum." Ouchie" She huffed and rubbed her rear vigorously, while I laughed at her cuteness." Okay baby. Bath, breakfast and then proof to Veronica that you're a World tourist" I cheerfully bribed her, knowing that she will definitely fall for it.And she did.She jumped up on her two feet and began to race to the bathroom." To the bath mobil!" She screeched and disappeared behind the door.  This girl would never cease to amaze me._______________________________&nb
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Hunter's P.O.V.———————  I was signing the documents for the Ying and Shang meeting when the door of my office creaked open.  " Brooks my man, how's ya doing " Chance, a colleague and friend from high school walked into my office." I haven't set eyes on you for a week " I dropped the pen I was holding and gave him my full attention." Of course you haven't, if not you'll be suffering from a Tuesday night hangover " He grinned and took the seat in front of my table.  I laughed at his idiocy and finally closed up the file before me.Seems like a chat after all." So tell me, how's everything? And by everything I mean Michelle" He relaxed back and stretched out his legs on my table." Well, all is good" Was all I could say." Good? Alright spill, what's up?"
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   I was setting out a few things before the close of work by four when a call came into the office line.So much for being a secretary.But I answered the call anyway." Good Afternoon, Brooks and Shields Companies, how may I help you?" " Jules?" " Mr McConnell, it's nice to hear from you again " I took a seat after relaxing because it's not a business call." And from you too. How you doing?" " Well, I'm fine if I may say, what of you?" " I'm good. The office is not as effective without you here but we're surviving "" I could always come back and you'll send someone else here instead " I chirped with a little too much enthusiasm.  There was a slight pause between us before he talked again." Someone seems eager to leave, any problem with your boss? I can al
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"Mummy?"   Louisa pulled me out of my trance, where I was deep in thoughts about My Boss.We were standing by an ice cream van that was in front of the central park." Yes pumpkin?" I turned to give our orders of strawberry for her and cookie dough for me." Who was that man?"   Who was that man?, sweetheart how am I going to begin my explanation?  That man is my boss and the son of my former boss.  That man was my bully back in high school and the reason my parents quit their jobs.  That man was the guy who raped me and diminished my self esteem till I had nothing and I mean nothing left to hold on to.  Most of all that man is your father.  That egotistical, narcissistic, wicked, heartless, mean, wretched, evil, deranged thing,I
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  I'd gotten Louisa ready for school and sent her off with Edward.  Now i was just in front of my mirror trying to create a messy bun of my hair to cover the scar on my hairline.  And sadly it's not working. The mark is just insistent on being displayed.  Okay, ponytail might work out.  I untied the bun and passed a comb through my hair over seven times to smoothen it out.  Tying my hair with a fancy ruffle into a ponytail, I considered using a hair gel to style its edges and conceal the scar.   But after almost fifteen minutes of efforts, it was still a stupid idea." Funny how the easiest things get you frustrated" I murmured to myself out of my slowly building anger." You really are a funny lady aren't you?" The french accent grasping my attention.  I turned to see
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