Chapter 843

Mandy Zimmer was calm. She did not say a single word.

Even though it was a bit unbearable, she did not show her emotions.

But Lilian Yates still remembered the moment when she was kicked out of the Zimmers along with her family.

She then coldly chuckled and exclaimed, “Everyone, all of your skins are thicker than castle walls!

“Don’t you all remember the things that you said here yesterday?

“Need I remind you all?

“Only one day had passed, and you’ve already treated the things you said like farts in the wind. How shameless!”

The Zimmers’ expressions all changed for the worse after being insulted.

The family felt unperturbed, forcing Mandy Zimmer and her family to sign the contract to break all ties previously, but they were immediately aggrieved.

Senior Zimmer finally let out a huge sigh and said, “Simon, Lilian. I beg of you!

“Be the bigger person here!

“Your hearts should be big enough to stomach the whole family!

“My eyes were blinded by other people before!

“Now I fina
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