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A Young boy that has been chased out to death with his mother, in the most powerful family in the world. His grand father was ruthless and greed on money. The old man dispised his daughter in law for marrying his son. Jae's father can't do anything but to obey his father the old man and take full control of him.He was regretful that he didn't protected his wife and son from being chased out of the family.The mother in son was chased to death and severely wounded.Later on Jae's mother has died due to severely injured and due to too much blood loss.Jae cursed his family that he will come back and exact revenge for those who hurt and killed his mother.An mysterious old man found this young and innocent child who was unconscious beside his lifeless mother.He recognized his face, and immediately helped him and treat him.

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Junrel Unabia Tugado
nice to read every one
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Junrel Unabia Tugado
very nice and treling
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63 Chapters
Chapter 1 Beginning
Rock City International Airport Rock City, a small city in Eastbourne Province. There was an uproar, many groups of luxurious cars and groups of mens in blacksuit forced their way in and entered the Airport. "Get out of our way!" "Go Scram!" Many Civilian's were frightened, because that man the leader of the men in black suits was an infamous butler of the one of the seven supremely Powerful family in the country. Almost every people on the country know him, he was known as the most vicious man in the underground and currently working at the Gray family. Gray family are known to be one of the seven supremely powerful in the country. This country was ruled by seven most powerful families. Followed by first tier aristocratic family, second tier aristocratic family and third tier aristocratic family. He led the way, while the people inside the corridor make a way for them. The aura emitting and radiating to those mens in black was frightening that everyone who felt their pre
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Chapter 2 Young Family
 Meanwhile, at the Red leaf 5 star hotel.There was a engagement party that very lively.The famous third teir aristocratic family that hosted by Young family. They was finding a best man to marry their granddaughter, Hazel Young. She was known to be a campus belle during their college days in the university, and also acknowledged by the whole young masters in the city.This event was attracted a lot of attention and stirred up the whole city.Hazel young was seated in one of the private rooms in the hotel, clenching her smooth and little cutie fist. Her eyes were bloodshot and feeling utterly bullied.Her mother, Dana Young was sitting on her side holding her daughters hand while her face was full of anger."Kenneth, there was something amiss about this party. They're obviously up to no good, I'm sure of it. If you still love your daughter and me, then go and reject your father's plan!"Dana shrieked. "If you really love this fa
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Chapter 3 Hazel
 "He's Hazel's grandfather after all, so you won't do anything bad to her."After taking such a long time to think, Kenneth embarrassedly spat this words out of his mouth.Dana was going to faint from anger soon. She pointed a finger and glared at Kenneth, while she was crying as she yelled. "How did I marry a weakling like you!"She knew that Kenneth was a filial son and was always very obedient to his father Albert Young. He couldn't do anything to his father and became a weak and they're not to go against his father at all.But regardless of which man he choose for Hazel as a husband to marry to the family, this matter would still destroy Hazel's life.Their family will going to became a laughing stock in the whole city. Dana cried miserably as she yelled at her husband, while Hazel quietly cried. Only they could do was to grip there fist tightly, kenneth couldn't do anything and he can just claimed himself as how he was helpless in this si
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Chapter 4 Ace The fearless and lunatic
Three years ago...At Underwater prison located in Atlantic ocean, wind and water swirled in the air, seemingly intent on submerging the entire prison.The worlds most dangerous crimals are confined and the most wanted enemy's of the world government.One of the prisoner, Blood Freak who had slaughtered a whole family of more than a dozen people including the family of the country's President and top-notch hackers and killers who had infiltrated the Stardragon were also imprisoned there. Stardragon were the most secured place in the world. The Stardragon is the headquarters building of the United Alliance Treaty Organization of the world. The members of this alliance consist of ten most powerful countries of the world. It was constructed on an accelerated schedule during World War 70 years ago. As a symbol of the U.A.T.O military, the phrase The Stardagon is often used as a metonym for the Department of Defense and its leadership.***
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Chapter 5
Rock city was a third-tier city.In actual fact, it fell short of even being a third-tier city.Many people leave the place as soon as they had money, heading toward the more prosperous and developed capital cities or first-tier cities.To Jae Gray, however, Rock city was the place he had dreamed of countless times in the past years because this place was so special.After all, someone whom he would never forget in his entire life was there, and that person was the girl named Hazel Young. More accurately speaking, he had to marry her to pay what he owed to her on that day.After he left, he promised to himself to comeback to her and give the world she wanted.Soon, The Young family became a prominent family in rock city. Now that two of Hazels uncles planned to marry her into an homeless man so that her credibility on the compane and of course on the family will go down. Now she were the most outstanding employee of the company. Worried with
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Chapter 6
At the room where Hazel and her parents are... When she heard a voice coming outside of the room, Hazel trembled a little. She looked up at the man who was standing in front. She was her Grandfather, This grandpa of her had never seemed concerned about her existence since she was born. Albert Young her grandfather was never even looked at her when she was born, because she was a girl. Now he and his son William Young was going to choose her husband and make a decision that would affect the rest of her life. Hazel breathed heavily. She was angry and frustrated and helpless as she opened her mouth to complain, but suddenly she saw her father Kenneth Young on the side shaking his head at her, begging her with his eyes. So that she didn't say anything and shut her mouth. ***** "Good afternoon everyone, after a selection process by our family, we have chosen the best one to be Hazel's husband. I hope everyone here will give their utmost bless to the new couple!" With that proclamati
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Chapter 7
After the event, everyone went home.Jae, Hazel and her family left after the event. They didn't stay there for too long. Hazel's parents doesn't get over from the event, which was marrying their daughter from an unknown and homeless man without a proper job or anything good. How can they accept such fate for their own daughter, and it was all thanks to the patriarchs of the Yount family.Jae hadn't set a foot when Dana his Mother in law came dashing out, her face is still tearstained. "You! Get out of my house, you're not welcome here.""And now my family will become a laughingstock in the whole city. We're done for."If Jae was an outstanding man with a successful achievements she would definitely accept him, but he was just an ordinary with no achievements at all. Now that he married into her family what would others would say? She was crying as she shouted, she was not willing to accept him into the family, as she thinks that this man didn't deserve her daughter.Jae was looking a
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Chapter 8
He started thinking whether he take out the bracelet that she make it for him, but after thinking about it he suddenly stopped. The room became silent as if a pin of needle could be heard from falling.The next morning...Hazel was current in charge of a huge business project with Gray Group. Gray Group is a multi billion business in Skin Care products, Modern Technology, Construction company and a Pharmaceutical Company. The founder and the owner of this group is of course the one and only Jae Gray, but his identity is unknown to the public. Even the president of the company know his identity he kept it as a top secret. Just the fact that his mentor didn't reveal it to him.And now that Hazel is currently in charge of a business project, she would be able to get it as soon as possible.At the Young's mansion..."Hazel is currently in charge of the business project, soon we we're going to sign the contract. Its too bad for now if we really chase them out of our family, it may affect
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Chapter 9
A year later...Jae already woked up early, as he prepared the breakfast fo the three. He's doing it usually everyday so that even with this small things Hazel's family will accept him. After they eat together, Hazel took a shower and got changed and ready to go for work.When they arrived at the office, Jae didn't usually staying too long in her office, its rarely seen that he stayed there this whole morning. Hazel were surprised about it."I thought you were bored when your staying here, what's with you?" She asked with curious looks. Every. Week their relationship grew closer as they stay together in one house."Ehh? You don't want?" He replied casually."Huhmm it's not like that." She said as she blushed secretly."Uhmm, you know I really feel very comportable staying here recently." He smile.Meanwhile at the Company building, many employees were busy preparing for the celebration of Eighty's birthday of Alber Young, the head of the Young family Family. Everyone busy were prepar
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Chapter 10
After the planning and preparation on the Grand birthday celebration of the Head of the Young family, Albert young. At the same time at the Young residence, they're also preparing for their non-stop proposals and get the contract signing of the project in the Gray Group.George cousin of angela, favorite Grandson of Albert young, the head of the family really excited for tommorow. "For sure we will get this contract signing. After we signed the contract project our family will rised up with this for sure." He exclaimed d."Yes of course, you should do what you must to persuade the chairman no matter what. If he wants beauty, we will give him" Albert Young said."I will do my best Grandpa, get this contract as soon as possible.""Good, good, very good! That's what I liked to you!"All of them assuming that they will get that contract, as soon as possible but they didn't expected what will happen next tommorow. Can they get this contract so easily?"Ok. Do what you should." The old man
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