Chapter 985

Seeing Mandy verbally abused until her face grew pale and her body turned shaky…

Lilian couldn’t bear it anymore. She was initially a shameless shrew, so she stomped out, pointed around, and cursed, “Who do you think you’re shouting at?”

“Our family’s inviting Senior Armstrong. It’s none of your business!”

“Have you forgotten my daughter’s identity? She’s a woman who dared to reject Prince York!”

“Who among you here can have the privilege to refuse Prince York?”

“My daughter coming out to invite Senior Armstrong to visit the project site is her way of giving him face! Don’t you understand?”

Lilian folded her arms. She then looked at Senior Oskar Armstrong and said, “Senior Armstrong, you should have heard of Prince York, right? My daughter can be regarded as his unofficial wife. Even if you don’t give my daughter face, you’ll at least show some respect to Prince York, right?”

Boos were heard from all around after Lilian said these words.

Oskar also had a strange expression.

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