His vicious revenge

His vicious revenge

By:  Yarmia  Completed
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Alaya Sarim was a muslim girl, her mother died when she was 12. Her father married a rich christian women to support his business. Alaya's stepmother arranged a party, and invited her rich friends. Gerard hawkins, her stepmother's best friend and one of LA's richest man saw Alaya at the party. His sexual desire and lust for her leads to kiss her forcefully, but ended up with a slap! To satisfy his lust and revenge, he kidnapped her with the help of her stepmother and married her forcefully against her will. Her father remain unaware of the whole situation. And she ended up in a cruel world of Gerard Hawkins!! She spent months with him to only face his beast lashing out at her. She remained faithful to him. The months were in agony, he abused her as he wanted but suddenly he disappeared leaving her pregnant when she finally thought that they can live together happily after spending a memorable night with her which they both never forget. But it happens to be that they have to meet soon and have a lot to say and face.......

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Loved the story. Grammatical errors there and there but beautiful story, well done to the author.
2023-01-14 13:59:40
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June Chase
lovely story
2022-11-04 09:05:12
40 Chapters
Chapter 1
Alaya was a 20 year old girl, focusing on her passion. Her Muslim family used to live in Washington. At the age of 12 her mother died, leaving behind a new born brother. Alaya took care of her brother alone, leaving studies. Alaya’s father, Wasim Sheikh was a wealthy man, but became weak when his beloved wife left him. As he woke up from his depression, he realized that his business was facing loss. To support his business he instantly married a strong woman of Los Angeles, Angelina Parker. Angelina was a enthusiastic women, leading a powerful business in state of her own since she was young. Being busy in her work, she never decided to marry. But when she reached mid-40s, her desire to start family grew strong. And then she found Wasim Sheikh, a 45 year old man with just two kids, who needed help in his drowning business. The thing which inspired her to marry him was his handsome face. He looked younger than his age and most of all he was a Asian. And when she fo
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Chapter 2
“This is Gerard Hawkins, a well known business man in Los Angeles, he even invested in your father’s business.” Angelina introduced Gerard to Alaya.“and this is Alaya, future artist, and it’s her birthday today” and then she introduced Alaya to Gerard.Gerard smiled, “nice to meet you pretty lady” he complimented. Gerard was about 28 years old and was handling his father’s business since his father died. But after hard work he extended his business in Washington too. On Angelina’s advice he also invested in Wasim Sheikh’s business. He was a fine looking man with handsome face and ocean blue eyes. It was his charm that every women wanted to be in bed with him for once, because he was well known for making them satisfy. But nobody knew his dark side, ugly truths and cruel world. A handsome charming face doing charity and leading a powerful business in state, that's what he was known to media or
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Chapter 3
He moved back. She was shaking uncontrollably. She was definitely scared. Her face was a mess with all the tears and smudged makeup. But he was evil so he smirked looking at her state which he caused.But it was the least thing he expected when suddenly she slapped him so hard with all her might.Although it hurt him not much but it was a shock to him. Nobody ever slapped him in his life. People around him obey him and worship him like he is a god to them..his expression became hard. And he became so enraged that he was not sure himself that if he'll gonna kill her.He instantly took hold of her throat and pushed her to the wall with all the force that her head collided with the wall and started to ache. While the strong hold on her throat was making it difficult for her to breath. Her eyes almost popped out and her face turned blue due to the lack of oxygen. While he gritted his teeth in rage and was definitely planning to kill her. But then he thought that it
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Chapter 4
Angelina became worried with fear that if Alaya told the Wasim about incident then it will be impossible for her to help Gerard. So she made sure that she keep an eye on her and she gets no chance to talk with her father until he leaves for the flight. Although she didn't wanted to do it, but her business friendship was on sake. And it was worth it. A little help to Gerard might get her multiple clients overnight.In morning she sat with Alaya and helped her in breakfast like a mother. Alaya got very confused with her behavior. As Wasim was about to leave with Angelina to office, Alaya stopped him and told him that she needs to talk something important to him. Before he could answer, Angelina started having cold sweats and she replied that they will hear after coming back in the evening as they are in hurry now.All day Angelina kept thinking of way to make Alaya stay away from Wasim. And finally she came up with the idea. While Alaya in fear didn't even w
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Chapter 5
She tried to open her eyes. Her head was spinning and each part of her body was aching badly. She slightly opened her eyelids, and tried to sit. She realized that she was on bed. She looked around, it was a large luxurious room, decorated perfectly upto someone's taste. Everything from doors to curtains were matching the color of walls. The blue and black color was ensuring that this room belongs to a man. She realized that the bed was also king's size. There was also a window in front of the bed, curtains weren't pulled out yet. There was dim light in room. "So my lady is finally awake" a voice echoed, someone was sitting beside the bed on the couch, it seemed like he was waiting for very long. His eyes were glaring at her in dark. Her body froze with fear. She looked in the direction where Gerard was sitting. He was smiling at his victory."Please let me go" she started to cry in fright. He stood up and moved towards her. "Get ready we're marrying
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Chapter 6
He walked towards her slowly. Alaya was shaking badly with fear. She was assuming what could possibly be done to her, if he's looking like this. His eyes were red and couldn't understand why it was like this. As he seemed fine while he came last time. "Get up!" He shouted.She silently got up from the bed, she was wearing the same wedding dress. Even she didn't remove the makeup. She was fresh as before. He moved closer to her while her breath becoming unusual. Her heart was skipping beats with fright as he move closer. As he reached closer he looked at her like he was memorizing something. After watching her for a while, "do you you remember you slapped me?" He asked her.She didn't answered."Do you remember you slapped me when I kissed you!" He shouted while she got frightened badly."Yes I do" she replied with crying voice."Then now I'm going to take revenge on you"For the first time in while she lifted her fa
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Chapter 7
Without waking her up he went to his office. He thought that he shouldn't disturb her and let her sleep.In afternoon when he reached home, he nowhere saw Alaya. He asked the maid that if she had her breakfast. But when maid replied that she hasn't even got out of her room since morning he got worried. He ran up the stairs and opened the door in rush. She was still on bed with eyes closed. He tried to wake her up."Alaya! Get up!" He shouted.But she didn't respond. He checked her forehead, it was burning. Suddenly he was filled with fear. Something came to his mind, an old memory, something frightened him. Without wasting a minute he called his assistant and asked him to send a female doctor at once. While he tried to wake her up but she was not responding. There was no movement. He was turning white fear.After 20 minutes doctor arrived. She was a middle aged woman, in her late thirties. She checked her nerves and told Gerard to immediately shift her to
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Chapter 8
Gerard thought that it would be better to leave her alone on her own. He even started not to pay attention to her beside some important issues. He even started to not go home anymore. He spend most of his Time outside the house. Twice in a week he visited her. Alaya was neither happy nor sad with his sudden change. But she could not understand that why he's being like this. She assumed that maybe something is wrong with him, or he's bored from her. Alaya made food everyday, which she mostly ended eating up alone. Only on weekends, he visited her. She spent most of her time on her paintings. The most difficult thing for Alaya was to bear with him when he was drunk. Whenever he was drunk he almost lost all of his senses and she had to carry him to bed all by herself. But one thing Alaya wondered that where he spends most of his time when he's outside. He cannot sleep in office and work non stop. He must be staying somewhere else when he's not around. 
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Chapter 9
It was a beautiful cloudy morning, it seemed like it's going to be rain. She made herself breakfast and ate while looking at the beautiful weather. She sighed. She looked at the beautiful garden, with flowers blooming and dew drops covering leaves. 'life is really beautiful' she thought. Suddenly it started to drizzle. She picked up her tray, and came inside. After washing dishes, she went to her room. As she was about to pick her phone, it already rang. The number appeared on screen was the only number saved in it, Gerard's. She picked up the phone."Hello" she answered with soft voice."I'll be home tonight, don't prepare dinner for me, and dress well" he said with a stern voice."Okay" she replied while getting surprised.Gerard never asked her to dress, since they married. What was the matter now? That he asked her to dress up all of a sudden. Maybe they are going outside? Thoughts came rushing to her mind.She instantly went to th
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Chapter 10
Gerard helped her to get out of the car. He held her hand and then placed it on his arm. They moved together towards the luxurious place. It was decorated elegantly. It was a big party. Rich and beautiful men and women making it look more attractive. Alaya never attended such parties, even her family ones. The last one she attended was only her own birthday. As they entered, some wise gentleman came forward and greeted them. Then they started talking about business, which Alaya didn't get any of it. She looked at her surroundings, where women dressed in revealing clothes, were drinking while holding glasses of wine and chattering. Each one of them was a beauty. Gerard introduced Alaya to every men and women he greeted. Some of them give astonishing stares like they don't believe that Gerard is finally married. And some women give jealous looks to Alaya. But most of men were interested in scanning Alaya from head to toe, making her uncomfortable with their gaze. She held Gerard's arm
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