Chapter - 84 Samudra has his way.

Tanisi snuggled up to him. Samudra was extremely happy, but was still not willing to let go of punishing Tanisi. He kept thinking and suddenly a wicked idea propped up into his head.

He loosened his embrace and looked into her eyes by lifting her chin up with his index finger and said, " My Love, what a wonderful day today is. I got to play naughty around you early morning, got into an adventure, and now got a love confession. Hmmm... Very good. However, as you said nobody should misuse power. Hence, you too cannot forego your punishment. You dared to defy me again, forgetting I am the Emperor of the Land. How dare you ignore me? You should have praised my efforts, instead you thanked God; you should have followed me back to check if I was hurt or if I needed anything, you didn't. On top of it, you joined hands with Naksha to make me feel envious and stood cuddling Bahu?! I think I have been too lenient towards you. Before I fell in love with you, Naksha didn't dare to play a

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