Into the Unknown Lands

Into the Unknown Lands

By:  ChaiShank  Ongoing
Language: English
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An unexpected event at an office outing, takes a 35year old-mother of 2, Tanisi to a time and place unknown. She is now a 18 year old woman with all complaints that she had about her fixed. What happens when a modern middle-aged woman suddenly gets an almost perfect body, yet retains the maturity of her age, goes to the times of Kings and Queens to a mysterious kingdom which is known as Nishantha. Read on to know more about Tanisi's tryst with a handsome, almost perfect Emperor Samrat Samudra!

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nice refreshing story
2021-03-09 00:15:41
85 Chapters
Chapter-1 Life as it is
It was the normal morning rush for Tanisi. She got up quickly, washed her face and brushed her teeth and hurried to the kitchen. She had to prepare breakfast and lunch and pack it for Hubby and kids and send them off before heading to office. She had slept late last night as she was preparing batters and food items which her family can have in her absence. She was going on an outing along with her colleagues. The regular office outing was this time a trek to a lush green mountain and they were going to stay at the resort at its foothill for two nights and three days before an overnight journey back to the city.She prepared everything deftly, when her husband Adarsh came out of their bedroom smiling at his beautiful wife who looked stunning with a serious expression making mental notes of what was still to be done. Looking at her handsome husband Tanisi forgot all her stress for a moment and a warm smile shone on her face. Adarsh came and hugged her. He was unwilling to stay
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Chapter -2 At the Resort.
Having nothing else to do, Tanisi just took a stroll outside her room. Soon it was supper time and she had a light meal along with her colleagues. Their HR Varidhi announced that they were going to start at 5:00am next day. The itinery consisted of visiting a nearby waterfall. Shopping in the local market which was famous for its wooden and jute artifacts. Back by lunch and then some team activites had been planned.Soon after supper Tanisi went to her room. For some reason she was both exhausted yet excited. She set the alarm for 4:45am for the next day and went to bed. She fell asleep soon.The next day she got up and got ready and they all went to the waterfall. It was a beautiful place and they played in water for sometime. They had carried spare clothes to change after. Soon Tanisi stepped out of water, dried herself and changed in the make shift changing rooms there. She then went shopping with the others. She brought some small wooden toys for her kids, a pair o
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Chapter - 3 The Trek
Once she came out of her room, she handed the room keys to the receptionist and dragged her luggage to the bus. She boarded the bus and kept her luggage in the compartment of the single seat reserved for her. Ensured that it was safe and stepped out. She had some light morning breakfast of two slices of bread, some fruits, and a glass of herbal tea. She bought some bananas and guavas and kept them in her backpack. Just in case she needed to munch, she would have the fruits.One by one all of them boarded the bus. Tanisi boarded it the last and sat at her place. Varidhi had instructed to keep all valuables with them since they would leave the luggage in the bus.They set out to the hills. The morning was still dark, and the weather quite chilly. Tanisi had expected this and was wearing a jacket on her T-shirt. This ensured she was comfortably warm. After an hour's journey they reached the foothill.As soon as they reached, the team was divided into two teams. Tea
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Chapter - 4 The Encounter
Pradyumna turned around to ask what next. He felt his vision blurry. He removed his glasses and was astonished to notice that he no longer needed them. He was astounded to see that even though he recognised all his colleagues around him their looks and physical attributes had changed drastically. The others stopped and looked at him and noticed the changes in him.Pradyumna who was burly in his physique had become chiseled in appearance. Also he had grown fairer by 3 shades. Along with his calm demeanor he looked like a warrior. The next in line was Atul. He had grown taller and was now the same height as Pradyumna. Also Atul had grown darker by a shade and his bald head was now covered with silky smooth dark hair. He also could see without his spectacles.Varidhi had grown a shade fairer, her crooked teeth had become neatly arranged pearly set of whites and she had grown taller.Padma had grown many shades fairer and taller. Amongst all, Tanisi had seen t
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Chapter - 5 Samrat Samudra...
The moderners soon understood that the man had no intention of believing them and was going to stir trouble. The women folk were skeptical to remove the veil. Just then they heard loud sounds from what sounded like a war bugle outside. They also heard the men shouting and greeting their emperor.Soon a guard came in and whispered something in the ears of the Royal man and he started to fidget. He murmered "How on earth did he reach here so quickly!".Just then the guards outside announced "Hail the Mighty and Righteous Emperor!! Greetings and Salutation to the Great and the Just ruler of Nishantha!! Welcome your Majesty!!"The Royal man jumped on to his feet and stood facing the entrance of the hall. A tall man with a regal stride walked in. His face was covered but his eyes spoke of great discipline. Unknowingly everyone present in the great hall bowed to him in reverance.The Royal man spoke, "My beloved Nephew! You reached so quickly. Pardon this old a
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Chapter - 6 Train them.
The minister Vishwakeerthi encountered a problem. There were no empty lands available near the palace to build the 11 dwellings for the moderners.He soon informed the emperor about this. Emperor Samudra thought for a while and asked him to renovate the old palace which had 13 rooms. And to provide each one with a room. Since it was the old palace the rooms were quite large with individual baths. The old palace also had three kitchens. It was abandoned after the death of Queen Chandramathi who was Emperor Samudra's mother. She had ascended the throne of Nishantha after the untimely death of her husband Marthanda. The current palace was much smaller and was meant to be a royal library and learning center. Samudra was just 12 years old when she passed away after a brief illness. He was devastated and converted the royal library building to a palace and started to live there. He hadn't set his foot in the old palace for the past decade.This apathy caused the old palace t
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Chapter - 7 Makaranda!
Tanisi and her contemporaries had been training for almost 6 months now. The old palace was quite damaged hence they were still put up at the charity lodging. They had to share rooms now as needy people had started to throng the capital of the Nishantha kingdom.As a prosperous kingdom, Nishantha drew people in hordes. There were many who came in search of livelihood, better opportunites and living conditions. People usually came with the intention of staying and becoming the subjects of the kingdom. Homeless, and very poor people were provided accomodation and food at the charity lodgings. While the women and children received three full healthy meals a day, the men were fed only two meals and encouraged to find work and settle down as quickly as possible. The accomodation was provided for free if the women opted for volunteering at the household chores of the lodgings. Hence almost always they cleaned their rooms and the utensils. They also cooked. Nishantha had managed the
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Chapter - 8 The abduction....
Through Vikas, Makaranda had known about the moderners trip. He had devised an evil plan. Unbeknownst of all this the moderners happily set out on their journey. They all reached their destination on the 20th day of leaving the Capital city.They were exhausted by the travel. But one look at the serene place they forgot their fatigue. The place was extremely beautiful. The waterfall was just the right height to act as a shower. The water that flowed was also cool and not too much or too less in volume. After falling down it continued as a stream. It was surrounded by dark rocks and green creepers and trees. The flowing of water made a pleasant soothing sound. All of the adventurers, got into the stream and some got under the waterfall and played in water. They laughed while splashing water on each other.Vikas didn't participate much and after washing himself, he simply sat on the rock. His eyes were on Tanisi. Tanisi was wearing a deep purple Antariya(Top cloth which
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Chapter - 9 The heroic rescue
Vishwakeerthi was now worried. He was also the bossom friend of the Emperor. They had received their education together from the same Guru Acharya Shvethadhwaja. He tried to pursuade Samudra to drop this idea of he rescuing the captives personally. He wanted too send Balabhadra and Shourya to rescue them. Shourya was the commander-in-chief of Samudra's army. Shourya was a very brave man. He was an astute warrior. His formations were formidable and he was the right hand man of Samudra. Even though Samudra trusted Shourya and Balabhadra he couldn't leave this mission to them as he knew that the Prince of Kaingitya was directly involved this time. He wanted to deceive the Prince and make a mockery of the Kaingitya royals this time. Finally Vishwakeerthi had to oblige and make arrangements for the emancipation. Without letting anyone else know Samudra set out immediately with 100 of his men along with Shourya and Balabhadra. He also took additional clothe
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Chapter - 10 They see each other!
He immediately looked at her to check if she was alright. He saw her full lips which were trembling. Her skin felt so soft against his. He removed the blindfold. She couldn't see properly immediately. But Samudra did. And he was spellbound. She was enchantingly beautiful. His heart missed a beat and he couldn't take his eyes off her. He didn't even blink. By the time Tanisi's eyesight adjusted to the surroundings, Samudra found his composure. He looked at her foot which had the weight tied. He was annoyed to find the metal ring locked to her ankle. How would she walk. He cannot even carry her as the weight would dig into her flesh. He wanted to remove the weight from her ankle. He made her sit down and checked the metal ring around her ankle. He looked at her and found her staring at him. He enjoyed her attention. Looking at her he asked, "I need to unlock this weight". She suddenly blinked her eyes as though coming out of a trance. Her cheeks flushed crimson when she realis
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