Chapter 11

Sabrina's house was so big and beautiful. Big chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling. The tiles were white and black; the wall was jet black and there was a painting hanging on the walls. Oh, a typical house of a witch, but the interior was nice. But it wasn't creepy, it felt so comfortable. Maids in uniform suddenly piled up and greeted us. My mouth hung in awe.

"Prepare the guest room," Sabrina ordered the maids. "And prepare some food."

"Yes, Your Highness." All the maids said in unison and left, one by one.

"Nice house," I mumbled.

"Thanks. Follow me." Sabrina said and walked towards the stairs. Layla, Michelle, and I followed her in silence.

It fascinated me how the interior of the house was designed. The stairs

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Comments (10)
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Beth Henderson
The story is good and I have a really tried to just let the storyline keep my attention. However, all of the spelling and grammar errors are just way too much for me. Please get an editor!  it’s so distracting I can’t continue reading this book. 
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Daria Paweł Chaleccy
Very chaotic and poor in comparison to Jane Doe ones.Poor description of surroundings, multiple incidents in just couple of sentences.I love Jane Doe Alpha Killian and Iridian and Alpha Atlas but waiting for new chapters with the last 2 and so thought to find something else in meantime, disappointed
goodnovel comment avatar
Jen Sachs
This book is very interesting it's judt very expensive.

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