Chapter 12

Sabrina brought Layla and me into the mall. Michelle is not with us because she had some important things to do. There are many people lingering around the place. I'm not comfortable around these people. I always reminded myself that these people are humans and I can't harm them. My blood thirst is worse here. But Sabrina planned this for me to control my thirst, which was so difficult.

I am trying so damn hard not to jump into the human's neck. It was tempting, especially that I can see through their blood all around their bodies like a scanner. I can hear people's heartbeats loudly and it was so tempting.

"Hey! Sabrina!" 

My attention diverted to a woman who was walking towards Sabrina with excitement. The woman was wearing an off-shoulder floral dress. Her long wavy blonde hair was cascading down her back

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Mary Johnston
Didn't she acknowledge his rejection and reject him earlier? And also curse him?
goodnovel comment avatar
The thing is she did reject him he rejected her and she knowledged the rejection she said I also reject you. Is that not accepting it? I’m confused why this isn’t working has the author forgotten this? I hope she does not take as rail back he seems such a weak mate
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicole Smith
I have been thinking about the same thing as you guys why is he there in the first place. What is he trying to prove just because he made a stupid mistake by rejecting Alexandria and what happened to his so-called girlfriend back at the other pack which I forgot her name.

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