Chapter 4


I wake up and stretch. Last night we had a few rogues on the southern border. The chase and capture took three hours of my precious sleep.

I get dressed in a black shirt and dark wash jeans. Clint and Michael are waiting for me downstairs. We have to interrogate the wolves today and dispose of them before the contractors get here.

Moira already has breakfast on the table by the time I come downstairs. Pancakes, bacon, sausage, and fresh orange juice.

"Moira teach Abbs how to cook, please," Michael says while inhaling a sausage.

I stiffen at the mention of Abigail. She is Michael's older sister and my father's old Deltas daughter. My wolf has been pacing this morning and the mention of the she-wolf that touched us last night has him growling. I hate dealing with him on days where we have to handle rogues. Having an Alpha wolf in your head is hard.

"Clint, Michael, let's go. Praise Moira on her cooking later," I order, standing up.

I shoot my little sister a smile as a thank you for breakfast. She rolls her pretty blue eyes that she stole from mom at me. Ever since we lost mom and dad, Moira has been my most trusted ally. My whole world, basically. 

My dungeon is clean. The cells each have a bed and a sink that supplies freshwater. I only have four cells, but that's all we have ever needed. We don't keep rogues. We dispose of the guilty or offer innocents a place in the pack. We have an interrogation room that holds all the horrors. We don't wash the blood from that room. It stinks of iron and fear.

Michael and Clint drag the older nastier of the two rogues into the horror room, and I follow. I sit in the corner while they strap him down with silver. I light a cigar and lean back, observing him. He looks like he has been a rogue most of his life. I instantly know he won't give us anything. No matter how much pain I bring him.

"Stop," I order

Clint drops the straps and stares at me. I mind link him

Emmett- this one we can't break. But the younger one will if we kill this one.

Clint- me or Michael alpha?

Emmett- you. Michael is only 17; let him leave first.

Mindlink to Michael

Emmett- go get the youngster Mike. This one is no good. Clint is going to dispose of him.

Michael- yes, Alpha.

Michael leaves the room, and Clint snaps the neck of the old one.

"Drop him on the floor, Clint. When we strap the youngster to the chair, he should spill," I tell my Beta while looking at the wall.

Alpha is pacing my mind like a caged tiger. For some reason, he has no interest in why these rogues are on our land.

Emmett- you aren't worried about these killers being close to our members today, Alpha?

Alpha- I'm antsy, Emmett. Something is coming; I feel it.

Emmett- I'm not too fond of the sound of that.

I look at the teen that is now strapped to the torture chair. His arms are burning, and the smell is ungodly. The worst smell in the world is burnt flesh. The silver makes him whimper, and I internally grin. He will break easily.

I stare into his frightened eyes and am surprised to see the innocence in his pupils.

"What were you doing on my land, pup," I growled at him.

"Our leader sent us, Alpha. We were to gather information about your numbers," he replies in earnest.

There is no hesitation or loyalty in his voice for his leader.

"Were you the only two," I ask, standing up and giving him my back.

"No, Alpha," he whispers

I spin around, "How many others were with you last night?"

"One other, Alpha," he immediately whispers with his head bowed so low his chin is touching his chest.

"Did you get the information your leader requested before the other got away from my patrol," I growled.

"No, Alpha, we had just reached your border," he says without any hesitation.

I return to my seat in the corner. And resume smoking. I open my link to my Delta and Beta.

Emmett- sounds truthful to me. What about you two?

Clint- same here, Alpha

Mike- seems like a new rogue Alpha.

"So pup, how long have you been a rogue," I ask the rogue out loud.

"Four months," the teen says quietly.

"Why did you turn rogue," I question, twirling my cigar in my fingers.

"They murdered my family. We were omegas, and our old Alpha didn't care that we seemed to keep disappearing," he whispers

Hmm. After I had young Jake pledge his loyalty to Riverstone pack. I went and washed my hands and face. Rogues must be looking for easy recruits without having to battle packs. My pack is too strong for our omegas to be picked off. They will target our mated wolves when they realize that. And currently, our packhouse is filled to the brim. Until we can get the new homes built, my wolves are easy targets being located in one building. I look at my watch, 12:45. Contractors should be here anytime now.

Gate patrol- Alpha two humans, are here. Their truck says Twin Construction.

Emmett- let them through. They are here to bid for the new homes, Craig.

Emmett- Clint, Mike front steps of the packhouse. Contractors have arrived.

I exit my home that is next to the packhouse and stand in front of it. Mike and Clint soon stand right behind me. Alpha starts howling MATE in my head. I sniff the air. 

Honeysuckle and freshly cut wood are blowing in the breeze. I feel my whole body tense. Alpha mindlinks every wolf in his pack.

Alpha- Our long awaited Luna has arrived. Lockdown the territory. 

All our wolves howl with joy in my mind. Men and women clear out of their houses and head to the forest to patrol or catch a glimpse of her. And I'm itching to join them.

I know she must be in the human's truck that just entered the property. So she will be coming straight to me, patience. But why did they bring a woman? Maybe she is the secretary. She better not be in a relationship with one of them. Alpha growls loudly at my thoughts.

A big red truck finally pulls in front of the packhouse, and an impressively built human jumps out of the truck. He is only a few inches shorter than I am and is just as bulky as my Beta.

I quickly shift my eyes back to the truck. I can see a blonde with a cap on through the tinted window, but I can't see her face. I want to rip the door off of the truck, but I've cemented my feet to the ground. I can't scare her. And I need to figure out her connection to the male.

He shakes our hands and begins speaking with Clint. He keeps shooting me glances, but I can be professional right now.

Finally, her door opens, and boots hit the gravel road. She takes long, steady, and confident strides. She comes to a stop on the left of the human male.

She is gorgeous. She is not dainty like I thought my human mate would be at all. She is tall and muscular for a human female. Her hair is like liquid sunshine, and her eyes are a bright clear blue. She has ripped pants that hug her legs. And a faded ripped flannel on over a grey tank top. Her cleavage is making an appearance slightly, and Alpha is growling in appreciation.

Every piece of clothes she has on has a paint spot on it. She looks like a worker. The male throws his arm over my mate's shoulders, and Alpha goes crazy in my head.

"And this here is the other half of Twin Construction. My sister Lisa Matthews," the male says while beaming with pride. I internally sigh.

My mate is very interesting. She is a carpenter. I would never have guessed that. No wonder I didn't find her in a mall.

"A woman is your business partner," I ask, letting my amusement at my discovery leak into my voice. 

. The male stiffens, and my mate's eyes flash. She had been staring at me with a look of awe until I spoke. She shrugs the male's arm off her shoulders and glares at me.

"Yes, a woman. Got a problem with that WolfMan," my mate snaps.

I'm in shock at her blatant disrespect, and I burst out laughing. Of course, the moon goddess gives me the strongest-willed female human she can find. The male looks scared and angry at my laughter.

"Yes, she is my business partner, and to be honest, she is the one who handles most of the manual labor. We would appreciate your respect, and if that's not possible, we will take this time to leave," the male says with a glare.

I like that he defends her even against wolves. I already like my future brother-in-law.

"No disrespect meant. Clint and I will show you around the packhouse, then we will drive you to the area we would like some homes constructed," I say, clearing the tense air.

Clint, Mike, and I lead the two into our crowded packhouse. Clint explains what we want as we walk through the home. My eyes and focus stay trained on my beautiful mate.

Her butt in those pants has Alpha going insane, and I'm itching to touch her, to feel her against my chest and under me.

She takes measurements of every area we want work done. Her page of notes is filling rapidly. Her hands are sexy. They are typical sized hands for a woman, but I see her palms are rough. My mate is strong and not afraid of hard work.

She catches my attention when she pushes her cap up away from her face. She looks like the next Miss. America.

"Look, I know it must be hard to believe, but I can use a tape measure by myself. I don't need supervision," she states with a glare, and I can't help but chuckle.

"You seem competent, Ms. Matthews," I say.

And I mean it, she looks like she knows exactly what she is doing. Almost as if this process is second nature to her.

"Then why are you observing my work and laughing at me," she questions furiously.

I pause for a split second to come up with an excuse for not leaving her side. I have to find out more about her before I make her my Luna.

"You are in my packhouse. It is my job to watch strangers in my pack member's homes. I am the first line of defense," I state, faking a calm tone.

She rolls her eyes at me. "Yeah, sure," she says.

I know she doesn't believe me. She probably thinks I'm just another horny wolf.

Alpha wolf: Well, in this case, my love, you are correct.

Emmett- hush, you horny bastard. We have to play this smart. Human girls are different than she-wolves, and I've been planning out how to woo our mate for years now.

Alpha rolls his eyes and lays down in our mind. He is content with her being close to us. At the end of the tour, we pile into their truck. I order Mike up front so I can sit next to Lisa. 

I love her name. I keep purring it in my head and pairing it with mine. 

Lisa Matthews

Lisa Stone

Lisa girl

Baby girl Lisa.

We finish showing them the extent of the project, and I panic, knowing she is leaving. I mindlink our best tracker and one of my closest friends.

Emmett- Lance, I need you to tail Luna until she is back on the territory. 

Lance- yes, Alpha. 

I smile, watching her drive away. I will see you soon, my beauty queen.

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Linda G
a wolf that smokes?
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this chapter could be blended better with las chapter to stop repeating yourself in the chapters.
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I seriously can’t put this story down, I’m getting nervous because I want to read the whole book today but I’m running out of coins, can’t wait to get paid! 😂 I still think Twig is Abby & she’s going to cause trouble, should have kicked her out & told off his sister. Very creative & interesting!

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