The Alpha's Tough Girl

The Alpha's Tough Girl

By:  Sadieperez9  Completed
Language: English
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Scott and Lisa Matthew's construction business is getting hit hard in the recession and this might be their last chance. Scott and Lisa decide it is time to start including werewolves as clients. But things change when it's the wolves pulling them in and not the money to save their business.--------------------------------BOOK 1&2 THE ALPHA'S TOUGH GIRL, BOOK 3- THE TRACKER'S SOULMATE, BOOK 4- THE ALPHA'S IMMORTAL TWINS.

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50 Chapters
Chapter 1
SCOTT POV"Lisa," I yell over the saw while walking into our huge workshop. "What," she yells, hitting the power button and removing her safety glasses. Lisa blows a piece of blonde hair out of her eyes and glares at me. I laugh. She hates being interrupted whi
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Chapter 2
EMMETT POVI shove my hands in my jeans as I walk through another clothing store. I stare at every female human that I pass. I am desperately trying to lock eyes or smell an intoxicating smell. This store is full of lingerie and packed with women of both species.I focus my attention on the humans. According to the moon goddess who visited me when I was younger, I will have a human Luna. A perfect balance to my strength and power.I am a huge wolf. I tower over others with my 6'5" frame. And my 230lb body is solid muscle. I have met very few Alphas as big as I am. Even my dark grey wolf is a monster of muscle. He is the biggest wolf I have ever seen and he fills my chest with pride.Many Alphas are terrified of my power. It's not my fault that it seems to fill the air around me. But many of them now I am a very fair wolf.I never go to war without a just reason and I never kill an innocent. But my obvious strength is still intimidating. The moon goddess
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Chapter 3
SCOTT POV Lisa is wearing her typical work clothes as usual, and I want to pull my hair out. I am dressed in a pair of nice jeans and a black polo. I did put my steel toe boots on, but we are supposed to be looking professional. We need this job. And my sister/business partner is dressed like she just climbed out of the workshop.She has on one of dad's old flannels and a pair of ripped paint-stained pants. She is wearing a grey tank and left the flannel unbuttoned and flowing. Her hair is in a ponytail under a paint smears baseball cap. I have given up arguing with her. We have already discussed it for over an hour. She is still mad we are going against dad and doesn't care if we lose this job.We can not be late, so I give up. At least the wolves will see Lisa's dedication to her work. My sister is the foreman of all our jobs. She runs the jobs with ease. I am the office guy. I hold interviews, and I fire the workers she deemed unfit, I hand
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Chapter 4
EMMETT POVI wake up and stretch. Last night we had a few rogues on the southern border. The chase and capture took three hours of my precious sleep.I get dressed in a black shirt and dark wash jeans. Clint and Michael are waiting for me downstairs. We have to interrogate the wolves today and dispose of them before the contractors get here.Moira already has breakfast on the table by the time I come downstairs. Pancakes, bacon, sausage, and fresh orange juice."Moira teach Abbs how to cook, please," Michael says while inhaling a sausage.I stiffen at the mention of Abigail. She is Michael's older sister and my father's old Deltas daughter. My wolf has been pacing this morning and the mention of the she-wolf that touched us last night has him growling. I hate dealing with him on days where we have to handle rogues. Having an Alpha wolf in your head is hard."Clint, Michael, let's go. Praise Moira on her cooking later," I orde
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Chapter 5
LISA POVAfter Scott dropped me off at the house, I changed quickly. I couldn't wait to let my pent-up anger out. Who does that Alpha think he is. He acted like I wasn't capable and then followed my every movement.I grab my phone, keys and head out the door. I jump into our old Honda Civic and head to Max's gym. I am so ready to exhaust my body and mind.Being physical is something that comes naturally to me. As kids Scott and I were competitive. But as we aged, Scott's drive for the competitions vanished.As he changed, I stayed the same. I never stepped out of my comfort zones. I am a little jealous of Scott and his successful advances. Jealous but also incredibly proud. Unfortunately, right now, he blames himself for our money problems. He thinks because he chose a bad year to take a loan out, it is somehow wholly his fault. He is shrinking into his office, and I don't know how to pull him out. The business is essential to both of us, b
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Chapter 6
LISA POVMate. A word that tore my family apart. A word that left my father a single dad. I will never know if my mother was kept from visiting us or chose to stay away herself. It hurts to think it might have been her decision. I don't want to be a mate. I don't want any relationship, period. I want my family business to succeed and to feel accomplished in the ring. I don't want to feel an unexplainable bond with a stranger. I don't even know if I would like a romantic relationship with a person who isn't a stranger. I need to focus on helping my brother, keeping our company in the black, and enjoying my free time. From my experience, love hurts. My father was broken when his wife chose a bond over him.I stand up and look at Mr. Wolf Man. He is handsome. Dark brown, almost black hair, Chocolate rich eyes that warm your soul, a short beard that pulls attention to his jawline, and a sexy HUGE body. Truly a man that could star in every girl's f
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Chapter 7
LISA POVI double-check the supply truck. Most of all, the lumber has arrived, and I have enough hands to get this job underway. Alpha Emmett has faxed Scott three layouts for the small family homes. He wants 20 homes built, and we are to rotate the designs between the three blueprints.All three designs have a front porch and an open concept living room and kitchen. This tells me the members here value family time.I know the families are itching to have their own space. So my men and I have our work cut out for us.I drive the flatbed semi loaded with lumber to the front gates of Riverstone. I made sure before leaving that every truck that arrived today has our company logo.Until the wolves learn our scents, we need to make sure our vehicles stand out. I don't want any of my men being mistaken for trespassers.I want to have three homes framed out this week at least. I made two groups of five and then a g
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Chapter 8
Mature chapter. My first ever mature scene. Bare with me. EMMETT POVLisa and her workers did not eat lunch in the packhouse today. I was extremely disappointed, but I understand. She feels like she needs to protect her crew. I still can't believe Alpha reacted that way yesterday. Time is passing by so slowly. The paperwork is a jumbled mess in my mind, and nothing has been done for hours. All I can do is sit in my office and wait until 5 pm. I have waited five years for my mate, and now that I know her, I don't want to waste another second. Her honeysuckle wood scent is all over the territory now. And Alpha is in scent heaven. Finally, it is 4:45, and I can head to the job site. I make a stop in the restroom to check my appearance. Last night I had decided to shave off my well-maintained beard. I wanted to see if she reacted to my change. Seeing my current state in the mirror is disappointing. I have faint blue ba
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Chapter 9
R RATED CHAPTERLISA POVOne minute he is just a customer with a sexy body who has a thing for me. The next, my body is exploding with fire and desire. The minute I touched him, tingles had flared through me, and I was shocked at the mate bond. Is this what he has felt towards me since we met? Is this what my mother felt and the reason she chose to walk away from us?Every time he pressed his body on mine, my heart rate would increase. My body had craved his. When the haze of lust cleared and I realized what I had just done with our biggest customer ever, I panicked. I have never been intimate with a man of any species. I compete against males in every area of my life. I have never wanted a romantic relationship, and I never had the desire for sexual activities. But Emmett has just awoken something primal. I don't know how I made it home, but I did. Currently, I'm hiding in my room. Scott is still at Max's, probably enjoyi
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Chapter 10
EMMETT POVLisa's scent isn't with her crew this morning. I wonder if she will show up today, considering what happened last night. I can't believe we went that far. I shouldn't have pushed her. I know the bond is now stronger between us, which I'm thankful for, but I don't want to push my human mate. When the Goddess gave me the information about my mate, I chose to learn more about humans. I know humans aren't as sexually driven as we are, and I also know humans like relationships to build. Wolves move fast once we find our mates. I promised to move at a slow pace for my human. To woo her and build love up with the bond. Flashback Emmett 10 yrs oldEmmett- Where am I?Voice- You are in my realm, child. I look everywhere for the voice. And spot a beautiful woman standing in the grass. I instantly know it is my Goddess.Emmett- Hi goddess. Am I in trouble?The Goddess laughs at meGoddess- No child
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