Chapter 5


After Scott dropped me off at the house, I changed quickly. I couldn't wait to let my pent-up anger out. Who does that Alpha think he is. He acted like I wasn't capable and then followed my every movement.

I grab my phone, keys and head out the door. I jump into our old Honda Civic and head to Max's gym. I am so ready to exhaust my body and mind.

Being physical is something that comes naturally to me. As kids Scott and I were competitive. But as we aged, Scott's drive for the competitions vanished.

As he changed, I stayed the same. I never stepped out of my comfort zones. I am a little jealous of Scott and his successful advances. Jealous but also incredibly proud. Unfortunately, right now, he blames himself for our money problems. He thinks because he chose a bad year to take a loan out, it is somehow wholly his fault. He is shrinking into his office, and I don't know how to pull him out. The business is essential to both of us, but I can't lose my brother to it.

I pull into the crowded parking lot. Max has had a considerable increase in gym memberships, and it brings a smile to my heart. He was Dad's best friend and took his loss just as hard as we did. So I love that his business is thriving.

I go to my locker and put my stuff inside while letting my eyes take in the faces—mostly men tonight. I wonder how many are wolves. Maybe I can test my wrestling against a male wolf tonight.

The past three days, I have been working on my standing game but tonight is a perfect night for wrestling. Men are harder to submit than girls. And currently, the gym is filled with potential training.

I holler, "Hey." at Max, who looks busy in his office, and head to my usual ring. Two bulky guys are currently using it. I test to see if they are wolves. 

"Looking sloppy fellas," I say, and I'm immediately met with a set of growls: Yup, definitely wolves.

"Either one of you good at wrestling," I ask, checking my nails—the thinner of the two chuckles.

"Looking for a lesson, sweetheart," he asks with a macho-like smirk.

"Yes, I am. But I will let you finish your slap contest first. I wouldn't want to interrupt," I say with a smirk.

Both men growl again. All humor has left my challenger's eyes. Just what I like to see.

I strip myself of my oversized hoodie and shirt. Leaving me with only my sports bra and spandex shorts on. I enjoy displaying my muscles after setting up a match. I like the look of shock on my opponent's face. And tonight is the same.

The wolve's eyes take my body in quickly. Their eyes each hold shock and then lust, which is the typical response I receive from male wolves. I roll my eyes.

I climb into the ring and instantly feel my body relax. The stress of feeling inadequate due to my sex leaves me. I will prove every male that doubts me wrong. 

My challenger is quick and fluid in his movements. We both fight for dominance. Every time I gain control of his back, he is able to reverse our position. He gains side control, and I smirk. He thinks he can overpower me. I wiggle a bit using his overly lustful nature against him. I press my boobs against his arm. His eyes turn darker and he smirks.


A loud and extremely pissed-off GROWL fills the gym.

My challenger scurries to his feet like a timid mouse. I look towards the door and see Mr. Wolf Man standing there shaking. The whole gym is deathly silent. Making the hairs on my neck stand up. Max comes out of his office with his arms crossed over his chest.

Mr. Wolf Man stalks towards the ring and jumps over the ropes. Clearing them easily. He is in front of the shaking challenger in an instant. His fists are clenched, and he looks like he is ready to kill.

"How dare you," he growls slowly at the younger male.

Making both his and the smaller male's shaking more pronounced. We have had several almost shifts in the gym so I can tell the signs. I quickly approach the angry Alpha. I grab his shirt hem and he breaks his death glare off of my poor challenger.

"Hey, calm down. What is your deal," I ask, glaring at him? This stupid guy is not going to get Max's gym shut down for remodeling if I can help it.

His eyes flicker from black to chocolate at my words.

"What were you doing rolling around on the ground with my pack member," he snarls at me.

"It's called wrestling," I state in a duh tone. Has he been living under a rock?

"You fight on top of being a carpenter," he asks, looking completely shocked.

My anger immediately returns. I may be a woman but I am very proud of my profession and my passion. But before I can verbally castrate my new enemy, Max cuts in.

"You are looking at my gym's reigning champ," Max says, climbing up to place a protective hand on my shoulder.

The whole gym is staring in our direction. And I feel my embarrassment heat my cheeks. This is like my second home, and this Mr. Macho is disgracing me in it.

Mr. Wolf man seems to have swallowed his tongue. He stares at me. He looks as if he is trying to decipher everything about me.

"I would like to speak to you outside," the Alpha finally says, and my eyes narrow to slits.

I don't want to go anywhere with him. I want to finish my match and move to weights. But I always want to end whatever conflict is happening here.


My mate is incredible. The reigning champ of a gym that half my members use every day. That means she has beaten most of my she-wolves. I stare at her stern face. She is fuming at me.

I couldn't help it when I saw her on the floor with Clayton pressing her breasts against his arm. Alpha reacted immediately. I'm lucky I was able to pull him back enough not to kill Clayton. He is a promising warrior and doesn't know he was filling up his own Luna.

My mate is in a bra and shorts that leave nothing to the imagination making me want to rip my shirt off and cover her with it. All my wolves in the gym now know this is their Luna from earlier. Lisa grabs a sweater from beside the ring, and I sigh with happiness until I take in her new appearance. The hoodie swallows her but leaves her amazing legs on display. My manhood hardens instantly.

"Okay, but hurry up. I want to get back to training," Lisa says as she turns and stomps out of the gym.

I chuckle. For being a human, she has a she-wolf's temper. I then begin to panic. How am I going to explain my sudden appearance? She will know I'm not a regular.

When Lance told me she was leaving her house without her brother, I ran to town and relieved Lance from his guard duty. I wanted to protect her at all costs, but now I have no explanation for her. I'm going to have to tell her the truth.

When I open the gym door, her beautiful sent pulls me to the left of the building. She is sitting on an old bench, tying her shoes that I didn't see her grab. I approach her cautiously and sit beside her.

"Look, Lisa, I apologize. I think you misunderstand my curiosity about you," I say calmly. She glances at me and pulls her eyebrows together.

"It is very obvious, actually," she says through gritted teeth.

I chuckle. Oh dear mate, you wish it was as simple as doubting you.

"Why do you think I'm interested in your career and ...hobby," I ask her.

"You see a weak human—a FEMALE human taking on male roles. You are being judgmental about my abilities," she states with a steady glare.

She meets my eyes the entire time. Not shying from my power in the slightest.

"Wrong. I am a wolf. I honor and worship a FEMALE goddess. She is the most powerful being in our world. So why would I doubt a female," I bite out?

I feel irritated that she thinks so little of me, of male wolves.

She looks startled. I chuckle at her reaction. I can practically feel her fire dying. She studies my face, and for the first time in my life, I hope a woman finds me attractive. I try to read her eyes to see if any lust leaks into them. But nothing appears. Her eyes are calculating, just like a typical deadly warrior. She is waiting for a "but" to my statement.

I sigh. Time to ruin all my plans and declare us soulmates way before she is ready.

"Lisa, have you heard the term MATE before," I ask, feeling Alpha stand up in anticipation.

She stiffens and gets a hard look on her face. Great, she knows what a mate is and doesn't like the relationship.

"Yes, I have," she says, straightening her posture.

"Well, Lisa, you are my mate. I have been observing you closely today purely for that reason. Not because I doubt your professional abilities," I say, staring at the moon. Please, goddess, help me.

"How do you know when a person is your mate," she says with honest curiosity.

I glance at her. That's not what I expected.

"Well, first, your mate's smell overwhelms your senses. And then your wolf will say mate inside your head. And your whole world seems to slow a bit when you look at your mate for the first time," I say, blushing for maybe the fifth time in my whole life.

I can feel her gaze on the side of my face as I stare at the moon. I want to look at her, but Alpha is close to losing control.

"What are the humans supposed to feel," she asks quietly.

"Well, they typically are attracted to their mate, but they won't feel the bond until they physically touch their mates," I say, blushing again.

I hope she wants to test the truth of my answer. I want to feel her skin so badly. Clayton got to rub himself all over her body, and I have yet to touch her at all.
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