Chapter 9



One minute he is just a customer with a sexy body who has a thing for me. The next, my body is exploding with fire and desire. The minute I touched him, tingles had flared through me, and I was shocked at the mate bond. 

Is this what he has felt towards me since we met? Is this what my mother felt and the reason she chose to walk away from us?

Every time he pressed his body on mine, my heart rate would increase. My body had craved his. 

When the haze of lust cleared and I realized what I had just done with our biggest customer ever, I panicked. I have never been intimate with a man of any species. 

I compete against males in every area of my life. I have never wanted a romantic relationship, and I never had the desire for sexual activities. But Emmett has just awoken something primal. 

I don't know how I made it home, but I did. Currently, I'm hiding in my room. Scott is still at Max's, probably enjoyi
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Linda G
dangerous Scott and you could tell she was a bigger solution than you are used to. you know Abby will be a problem
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sluts pack just did her bro wonder if that's to run Lisa out?! so she can have alpha ūü§Ē

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