Chapter 7 punishment

Chapter 7 punishment 

Turvi's pov 

I walk towards my class and thankfully the professor hasn't come yet. So I won't get scolded for coming late. 

I looked at my usual seat and found that idiot sitting down there and smiling at me like a fool. 

I royally ignored him and walked past my seat and sat on an empty place. 

Our classroom is huge so we got extra empty seats. 

He frowned at me but I didn't give him a dam. I'm angry at him and he has to understand that. 

He got up from his seat and sat beside me. I was about to get up but he held my hand. 

"what happened doll face?" he asked me like he doesn't know 

"um are you talking with me? Because my name Is Turvi, not some doll face. And moreover do I know you?" I asked him with an over sweet smile 

He sighed understanding that I'm angry. Whenever I get angry I don't scream but ignore the people like they don't even exist in front me. And if I talk my tone will be sickly sweet. 

" Doll face listen I'm Sorry," he said but I didn't look at him 

My phone pinged with a message from our professor in the college whatsapp group. 

He isn't coming to take the class. Great so mean I have time to be free as he has a double period. 

Like me, others also got the message and they packed their things. 

I haven't unpacked anything so I got up with my bag. 

I was about to walk out When he held my dupatta from back to stop me. 

"Aashank!" it was a warning for him 

"I'm sorry," he said and left the dupatta but hold my hand 

"doll face I know I promised you that I will be back but could not come. I just got struck there. And congratulations for winning. I'm really happy for you. Finally you can come to my city." He said in one go 

"please forgive me.. I will accept your punishment" he said when I didn't replied 

"any punishment?" I asked and he nodded 

"hmm then take me and Stuti in wolf tonight," I said and he started to cough 

What happened to him? I asked to take us to a club, not some 5 star hotel. 

"wolf? Are you serious? That club is the worst among all."He said but why do I feel he is hiding something? 

" that's your punishment. "I deadpan

" doll face I will take you in starlight or even in Ice and fire but not wolf."He looked determined 

"may I know why?" I asked him 

"That club isn't good, you know that. They do drugs and many things." He said and started to roam his hand on his hairs 

He looked so hot while doing it. His messy hair.. 

OK I should stop now. 

"either you're taking us to the wolf or forget your apology." I told him 

"fuck Turvi, fine," he said taking my name 

I don't remember him taking my name ever like ever. Only in front of teachers, not alone. 

"OK that's good you're forgiven," I said and hugged him 

I wish to spend the rest of my life in your arms only Aashank not any other man. Because I know my heart isn't capable of loving anyone else.

I sighed and broke the hug. 

"Come on, let's go to the canteen." I said and dragged him there 

We both sat and ordered some cold drinks with cheese sandwiches. 

I texted stuti to come here as her next period is free one. 

She came and looked at us with raised eyebrows. Silently asking about my good mood with him. 

" Well guess what today Mr. Raichand is taking us to wolf." I told her and she looked surprised or I say shocked 

"wolf? Have you lost your mind completely?" stuti asked as usual 

"babe you need to chill out. Life is so short to waste a year. We get it only once because I don't believe in reincarnation shit. So we should enjoy it in full swing." I told her and both has same disapproval in their face 

"you both are no fun," I said and heard Stuti snicker 

"Your term of fun is dangerous, do you know that?" Aashank asked

"of course i do," I said with a wink 

"anyway take this prasad." stuti said removing the container from her bag 

Aashank forward his hand and she handed him two like me. 

"whoa is it made by the great chef Stuti Sharma?" he asked and Stuti blushed a little 

She isn't good with complements. 

"Yes I made it because your dear doll face can't cook these things." she said with a smug look 

He ate it and like always fed me one ladoo from him and ate another. 

It's true she has magic in her hands. 

We chatter a little then go to our next class that we all had together. 

I sat in between them.. 

The day has passed and we are back home. I'm so excited to go to that club. I have heard a lot about it. 

I want to see how dangerous it is. 

I wore a white sleeveless tank top tucked in a silver pencil short skirt that reached till my mid thigh. 

Well I'm looking hot I guess. I left my hair open and wore pink earrings and pink and silver heels. 

I did my make up and I'm ready. I went out to find my dear sister wearing a Black strap top tucked under her high waist black jeans. She hasn't been ready completely. 

Holy cow is she going to wear this? 

"Stuti baby, we are going to a club so change." I told her 

"Why change? I'm looking fine." she said 

"Yes you're but I am not liking it. Please for today wear something I like, tomorrow I will wear something you like." I told her 

"OK but not any revealing dress." she said and I nodded 

I drag her in my room and give her a red off shoulder slim body tight dress that reaches her knees. 

"Turu it's showing my cleavage and legs." she whined 

"Baby it's the least revealing one in my collection. My whole dress ends on mid thigh you know that." I told her and she nodded 

Good girl. Once she wore the dress I did her makeup and hair. With red heels and earrings her look is perfect. 

"Oh my Stuti baby, you're looking smoking hot. Boys will be looking at you only today." I said with a wink and she blushed 

My phone rang and it was Aashank he came to take us. 

"come on girl Aashu is here," I told her and she nodded 

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