The Deviant CEO

The Deviant CEO

By:  Vampire Whore  Completed
Language: English
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Alex Black has always known she was different in some strange way, She was never interested in boys her own age. She knows she wants an older man and she knows exactly who she wants. Problem is, Who she wants is her father's best friend who just so happens to be her new boss, Roman Lewis. They've already hooked up a few times, but when things get serious, Can Alex rely on Roman?... or will all just be proved too much?

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82 Chapters
Chapter One
Please note: Changes such as word censoring, Title change and cover change have been made in light of the FB/Google investigation. I've done the most I can without changing the book too much. Im sorry to anyone annoyed or disappointed  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  Chapter One  My parents waited too long to have children, They put work first, so when they did have one, me, they decided one was enough. Growing up with older parents and no brothers or sisters, as you can imagine, made life a little bit boring. I am currently still in school, although, I'm nearly done with my senior year, and spend most of my time alone since my mother and father spend most of their time somewhere exotic... or working.They were lawyers, so they were always busy.  This week was no different. I arrived home from scho
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Chapter Two
Chapter Two  Walking into the kitchen, I headed to the fridge, I didn't even know what I wanted. Looking through the shelves and finding nothing, I groaned and closed the door again. Bending down, I had a look in the freezer, but again, there was nothing I wanted. Someone over-dramatically clearing their throat made me jump and turn around. 'What are you still doing here? I said get out!'. I shouted but Roman just leaned against the door frame and folded his arms, smirking at me. 'I told your dad I would keep an eye on you. Granted, I didn't expect to see SO much of you.... but still..' He laughed but I didn't think it was funny. Scoffing to show my annoyance and frustration, I walked past him, deliberately banging into him as I went just to make a point that he had pissed me off. .. Although it was very, very obvious... 
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Chapter Three
Chapter ThreeI woke up early the next morning but stayed in bed for a little while, just relaxing. I was surprised at how easy I managed to get to sleep and the lack of nightmares I had. After The Lost Boys, I decided to put on a truly good horror movie that scared me half to death! Normally after those kinds of movies, paired with being home alone, is normally not a good mix.
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Chapter Four
Chapter Four  I froze. I had no idea what to do or how to react. It was Roman, he was here! He was actually here. Oh my god, oh my god! When I didn't answer the door quick enough, he knocked again. Snapping out of the trance I seemed to be in, I rushed over to the front door and pulled it open... and there he was. Looking.. unbelievably attractive. He had clearly changed clothes after work. He wasn't in his usual business suit and tie, instead, he was dressed in some dark coloured jeans, with a white t-shirt that clung to his body. He wasn't wearing a jacket so his heavily tattooed arms were on full show. Wow. I bit my lip, giving him a once over as if like an automatic reaction. It didn't go unnoticed, he chuckled and I looked away, embarrassed. That seemed to be a running theme between us these days. Him turning up and me becoming instantly embarrassed and shy. When neither of us spoke
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Chapter Five
Chapter FiveI sank to my knees and opened my mouth for him. He stroked the back of my head before grabbing a fist full of my hair and ro*ghly yanking my head forward. I ch*ked on his c*ck and had to pull away again, but he wouldn't let me go too far.'If you can't handle the length, wrap your hand around the base. It will make it easier for you to control'. He told me. I did as he suggested and looked up at him. It was weird, it was like his eyes had glazed over and there was no emotion to them. With my gaze firmly locked on his, I took him back into my mouth and started s*cking.I had never done with before, so, I was doing just what I had seen from p*rn or read in er*tic novels. I know guys like it when girls look up at them while they give them f*llatio... and it seemed to be true. Roman seemed to like what I was doing and the fact I was looking up at him while I did it. I watched as she dipped his head back and he mo
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Chapter Six
Chapter SixI groaned and rolled over, Very slowly waking up from the best night sleep I've had in a long time. When I turned, my face instantly connected with something hard and my eyes shot open. I sat up and looked down at the sleeping man in my bed next to me. It took me a few seconds to remember everything that happened last night, but when I did, I couldn't help but smile.Last night was.. Insane!... But in a good way.I snuggled back down and turned back over. If Roman woke up and saw me sitting there staring at him, it would be a bit awkward. As soon as I laid down again, I heard him make a weird noise and there was movement.He was waking up. I closed my eyes again and pretended to be asleep. I'm not exactly sure why, but it was like an automatic reaction, luckily, however, he didn't even seem to notice me... at all.I felt him pull the covers off and get out of bed. I waited for
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Chapter Seven
Chapter SevenWe hit the supermarket after school and brought every chocolate bar, bags of gummy sweets and tubes of chips that we could possibly get our hands-on. My other friend Jones, who was older than the rest of us, brought a couple of boxes of beer for him and some of the others, whereas the girls and I had requested some mixers so we could make some cocktails.I'm not the kind of girl who drinks beer.I had to remind them that it WASN'T a party and that they could have their beer but not go wild. In all fairness, they are normally pretty good with keeping it under control because they knew I would slaughter them if they got me into trouble with my parents.Walking into the house, the gang dumped the shopping in the kitchen and went to claim their beds. We only had two guest rooms, once they were gone, it was the sofa and floor for the rest. There were often arguments over the sleeping a
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Chapter Eight
Chapter EightI stood between her legs, the fact she was up on the side made it somewhat easier. My one hand was resting on her knee and my other was on her cheek, rubbing it softly with my thumb. The kiss started to heat up a little and he pulled me slightly closer and wrapped her arms around my waist, keeping me there.When I pulled my lips off hers, I rested my forehead against hers and we both shared a small, slightly nervous chuckle. This was.. New. I mean, sure, I thought she was cute and I had always questioned my sexuality since I saw Pauley Perrette as Abby in NCIS, among other female actresses and musicians, but, I don't know, This was different but... Not horrible.In fact, I liked it... but I also liked the things I did with Roman and I KNOW I like men.. So, was I bisexual? Pansexual? .. what? Either way, whatever I was, this wasn't exactly the time or place to let my mind confuse me or run away with me. I sho
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Chapter Nine
Chapter NineAs soon as we got into the garden, Roman closed the back door slightly but not all the way. As soon as we were out of view of anyone who would walk into the kitchen, he pushed me against the side of the house and pinned me against the wall. We seemed to get into this predicament quite a lot, I've noticed.'What are you doing?' I asked, genuinely confused. Why had he brought me out here?'I'm gonna fuck you'. I just looked at him, speechless. He just smiled. Was he serious? When i didn't say anything he leaned forward and kissed me again, but only once before he turned me around and pressed me back against the wall.Yes. Yes, he was serious. Very serious.'What are you doing?!' I asked again, more curious than before. He didn't answer me, instead, his hands went around my body and he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans before pulling them down, along with my panties.Moving
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Chapter Ten
Chapter TenAfter a late night Friday and sleeping away most of the day Saturday, Saturday night came and it was pretty much just a repeat of Friday. I point blank refused to have a takeaway again for dinner since I would have been.. Technically, the fourth night in a row. So, earlier this afternoon, I sent Jones and Kayla to the store with a shopping list of things for dinner.I decided to make my famous, and much loved homemade spaghetti bolognese. The reality is it was pretty much all I knew how to make, but still. It was much loved and seemed like a good idea.Abby kept me company pretty much all day, and honestly, we flirted a little bit. Two days ago we were just good friends and now... I don't even know...Once you've made out with each other, technically twice, it kind of changes the dynamic of the friendship. It was nice though, I am seeing her in a different light and I liked it.
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