Chapter 68 confessions

Author's pov 

Aaryav is sitting on the couch and looking intensely at his wife or I say slave who is getting treatment from the lady doctor who has tears in her eyes but she can't show it to the devil who is sitting in front of her. 

She knows what a monster he is with her but what today he did is beyond her imagination. 

How can someone stoop so low to kill their own brother and rape his wife in front of him? 

She thought and prayed that may Aaryav kill Turvi in his anger very soon because escaping alive from here is impossible so Death is the only chance of her getting peace. And the sooner it comes to her the sooner she will be free. 

"How is she?" Aaryav asked in a cold tone that is more cold then his normal voice 

She scoffed mentally and cursed him a thousand times in her mind. 

After doing this inhuman torture on

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