Your life shouldn't be a "let's correct everything I did a project

Your life should be let's be happy to project."

"so stop living a life of compromises and insecurities." 

"You are meant to be epic or not ordinary."

Jacky's POV:

As a student in 12th grade, I was curious about the college world to see what college will give for many of us like me. we all have our whims. And I had to. I have observed student's best days are the days of school life. However, in my case, It didn't happen. So I was hoping for better college life. 

A flower in bloom is loved by all and in this lies its glory, similarly, I want to achieve everything in life and become happy in my mind. I know By attractive appearance people can win love and affection and maybe command respect too. I might not be having that. but I still want to be happy. 

External appearance might have a psychological effect on people. 

But I want to win hearts maybe one day I will be able to do that.

Maybe when I will be able to love myself with all my flaws or believe myself that I am not what I was told I look like. 

These thoughts consumed my mind again and again till I reached school. 

My school is situated in the end zone of the city; Delhi, I adore Delhi. it is the hometown of SRK Yeah the Superstar, Shah Rukh Khan. 

it is India’s capital territory and a massive metropolitan area in the country’s north. In Old Delhi, an area dating to the 1600s, sits the compelling Mughal-era Red Fort, an emblem of India, and the sprawling Jama Masjid mosque, whose courtyard fits 25,000 people. Nearby is Chandni Chowk, a vibrant market with food carts, sweet shops, and spice stalls. 

Despite the low air quality index of it, people are of high standards here. They mind their own business. and that's the rarest quality you will find in our culture. 

Our school's name is Modern School. Despite the word, Modern My school uniform is not so modern. it's an outmoded style. 

it comprises of a white kurta and a grey shalwar. if I explain what Kurta is?

it's a long tunic while salwar is trousers that are typically wide at the waist but contain a narrow bottom. They are held up by an elastic belt, which causes them to become pleated around the waist. Trust me, it's not stylish it makes me look more fat than I am. 

To truly keep the spirit of the studentship, I make sure to follow all the rules and regulations my school has created for us.

The moment our bus reached the school gate, everyone around me darted towards the door. 

People had always been selfish to me so I knew, it was better to leave at last. After all, it was better than earning curses from them. No, my bus companions didn't torment me. But they didn't like me either. So I try to steer clear from them. it's better that way.

After everyone left, I walked outside the bus and waved goodbye to the driver. I hope out of both of us at least he will have a good day.

Looking at the sky, I felt like the sun was veiled beneath the magic.

It felt like today was a good day.

The moment I rushed to class, The bell for the morning prayer rang, However, for me, it was a blessing in disguise. Because I was not in a mood to cope with people.

In the meantime of morning prayer, I closed my eyes and smiled wistfully. How I wanted to be that girl who wanted to see the cruel people with rose-tinted glasses. So that they may appear less unpleasant.

But life has shown me the real faces of people, How the world is full of fake, artificial, and pretending people.

My life had never been delightful, it was full of terrible hardships. Just after a few days of birth, my grandparents tried to slaughter me with a lot of creativeness. They tried every method They could to make sure I die. But as the saying goes on,

The one who is protected by God cannot be killed by anyone

Even if the whole world turns out to be his enemy 

they cannot bend even a single strand of his hair.

I survived, My mother found me before the scarf that my grandfather had tied around my neck could take my life. it was tied so tightly that I was gasping for breath when she found me. if she wouldn't have cut its straps. I would have died. But then maybe it would have done me good. I wouldn't have felt too much pain at least.

It wasn't like they never tried again, they tried and tried but at last, failed.

In the end, they were so frustrated that they chose to quarrel directly with my parents. I don't know why would a grandparent want to end their first grandchild. I mean weren't they supposed to cherish me. I guess I wasn't lucky. I mean who would want me as their first grand-child. 

However, the reason was something different, when I grew up a little, I learned from my mother, It was because they never wished for my father to have any heirs. Because he was the lone bread earner of their family.

When he and my mama was charged by his own family, he eventually left to inhabit somewhere else.

My thoughts were interrupted by the voices of my classmates, I perked up my head to see the prayer was over. I stared at the tall figure of our class teacher with blurred vision.

"Are you Alright Jacky?" Miss Reina inquired.

I coughed violently and managed to muster up a smile as I uttered, 

"No mam. I wasn't able to have breakfast today. So I feel a little drowsy." and it was true Since my mother is always sick, I didn't get the opportunity to have breakfast and it was one of the reasons why I was fat. Because I rarely get home-cooked meals.

"Oh, Then you better hurry up to the class, I have chocolate. You can have it." Miss Reina smiled kindly.

While my classmates snickered in the background, Of course, according to them I don't need to have breakfast. I should just starve myself. While Miss Reina shouted at them to keep their mouth shut.

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