Her Facebook Friend.

Her Facebook Friend.

By:  Ifveen  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jacqueline has always been insecure about her looks because of her childhood experiences. However, it all changes when she accepts a friend request and makes a male best friend. And what's more important for her was that she was someone who never shared anything about her life with anyone, and gets the special one she can share her tears with. "it's the most achingly beautiful feeling when you pour your naked feelings in front of someone and it's the most intimate you could get." But then like every fairy tale they have conflicts and get separated to meet yet again. And The meeting turns into an obsession for Remo. Gambling with the matters of the heart follows the journey of Jacqueline and Romeo D' Souza and watch them fall in love with each other. ******* Book Cover designed by- Saii designs FB: @saidesigns

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Delinda Schumacher
68 chapters 1-13-23
2023-01-14 06:06:38
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cathy knoblauch
How often are updates???
2023-01-14 05:58:33
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Definitely a must read!!!!! It's amazing.
2021-06-06 21:30:39
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Lola Ben
Well... I am still reading this book, but so far, Jacky's life has been intriguing in it's own way and I can't wait to see how things play out.❤️ P. S the mention of SRK made me love this story more ❤️❤️
2021-05-07 04:55:05
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Apratyashita Thakur
This story is quite interesting. I like the way the MC is potrayed. It becomes quite easy to relate to her...
2021-04-11 19:52:42
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Jacky's character is well fleshed out. It feels like she's a real person. And she's awesome. Would love to be friends with her. 🖤
2021-02-18 12:13:49
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I love stories of people's struggles. We can't escape from it. The character of Jacqueline seems real to me. Her struggles, her pain. I feel it all. Hoping she gets a happy ending. And please update fast.😊
2021-02-03 00:02:14
user avatar
Angel Ray
just read the first chapter and I felt bad for jacky I just hope things get better for her. great work author. the chapter felt so real I am intrigued ✌✌
2021-01-27 01:34:44
68 Chapters
"Hello, readers,Just for some extra knowledge let's read about the most important topic; Bullying.I have seen that The common mistake that bullies make is assuming that because someone is nice that he or she is weak. Those traits have nothing to do with each other. It takes considerable strength and character to be a good person.Bullying is never fun, it's a cruel and horrible thing to do to someone. If you are being bullied, it is not your fault. And, You are worthy. And if any bully is reading me right now, I want to tell you it's not only a bump in anyone's life but it's an epidemic with long-lasting consequences such as depression and in some cases suicide too. So please be kind to everyone you get to know.".....Jacky's POV :"Ugly, Ugly, Jacky is ugly, They sing while kicking and screaming in the washroom stall I was in.I couldn't help but sit on the toilet seat to stop myself from crying out loud. However, T
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Your life shouldn't be a "let's correct everything I did a projectYour life should be let's be happy to project.""so stop living a life of compromises and insecurities." "You are meant to be epic or not ordinary."Jacky's POV:As a student in 12th grade, I was curious about the college world to see what college will give for many of us like me. we all have our whims. And I had to. I have observed student's best days are the days of school life. However, in my case, It didn't happen. So I was hoping for better college life. A flower in bloom is loved by all and in this lies its glory, similarly, I want to achieve everything in life and become happy in my mind. I know By attractive appearance people can win love and affection and maybe command respect too. I might not be having that. but I still want to be happy. External appearance might have a psychological
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Home and a new friend.
"It's completely Okay to be hidden or to wear the mask, to stay behind the bars of a smile, or to be invisible with the scars we carry. Until you find someone who would love you for Who you are and not the one for becoming while wearing a mask. You'll have to wait with a smile on your face, And, till then you can bleed through words. She will be invisible to my stories."[Ifveen].........Jacqueline's POV:After the assembly, I was able to attend Four classes without any disturbance. Although I never got the perfect chance to make any subject my favorite one. it was like I liked maths in high school yet my marks were very low in it. So I took biology and left maths in plus-one. But Biology was a subject that I never really paid attention to it Till high school. But as time progressed, I started having a tiny curiosity about biology. It's a wonderful subject plus I got great marks on it.I knew
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Chatting with Remo.
"Sometimes You can't explain what you see in a person. It's just the way they make you feel like no one can!" [Remo]....."You don't even know me. How can you be crazy for me? Stupid Boy.""But sweetheart we can know each other. How about you tell me about yourself." Remo asked, He had never enjoyed talking to someone like he was doing today."You are a stranger. Why should I tell you about me? I always watch " Saavdhan India" what if you are a kidnapper in real life?"Remo laughed hysterically upon reading it. 'This girl. Damn.'He almost had tears in his eyes after laughing so hard. Controlling himself, he finally asked back."What are you a baby? Even they don't watch Saavdhan India."Rolling her eyes, she answered back."Fine ask what you want to know. if it's not too personal I will answer you.""Okay. Age?""17"
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Pillow cuddling.
"In a world full of fake, artificial, pretend, and superficial people. Promise yourself to be Gentle, Tender, and beautiful. You are the light so the dark has nowhere to hide. Be free." [Ifveen]...."Someone once said, A girl and boy can never be friends." Reno teased again. He knew she will be frustrated but he just wanted to do that. He wanted to check what will be her reaction."You idiot. Not someone, Shahrukh khan had said it." Jacky answered back rolling her eyes. she understood what she was signing for when she agreed to be his friend. "Oh My my! My Jacky is changing."Seeing her reply, he was a little surprised, wasn't she the one who ridiculed him when he teased her. then why did she not retorted back when he said that."Stupid. I am not changing. I am going to sleep now. Good night." She was going to sleep Since there will be a lot of work to do tomorrow. 
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"I am truly me in the company of you. even if it's on the phone. You make me feel butterflies, in my stomach. it's a beautiful feeling bending me towards you. " [Jacqueline]Jacky's POV:The deep pitter-patter of rain reverberated through the window of my bus as I adjusted my backpack on my legs sitting on my usual seat in the back of the bus.I glanced outside the window, watching as people passed by the side of the bus trying to find some roof to protect themselves from rain. Eventually, as my eyes moved forward I set my eyes on a handsome boy in our white school shirt who walked through the crowd to the way where our bus was parked in the heavy rain. Not even caring if he was wet. Entering through the gate, he shook his head water dripping from his black hair, water seeping into his wet white shirt and grey pants creating ugly dirt marks on the floor of the bus.The driver must have said som
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Exposed lie.
"I had always laughed at the idea of love. it was more like God to me, believed to exist because you are told it does. when no one has ever actually felt it, while capable people earned million on creating tales out of it. Being in a family where parents hate each other and barely talk apart from extremely necessary things and watching as your father hits and abuses your mother. love as a concept eludes you."[Jacqueline]Jacqueline's POV:"Good morning Students." Wishing everyone Mrs. Smith, My favorite teacher of our first-subject stepped into our classroom"Good morning Mam." Everyone chorused."Hmm Morning Everyone." Smiling she asked a young boy to step forward. However, As he came into the class, My eyes snapped open with shock. "Let's welcome your new classmate Rohan. Rohan, Please introduce yourself."Jacky trembles as she sets her black eyes on Rohan. It occ
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Mother's food.
"Our inward Conflicts express themselves in our outward disasters. When we want nothing more than to keep them hidden." [Jacqueline]   "Writer's pov." "Rohan, I am sorry. It was my fault. I shouldn't have lied to you." Hearing her pleasant and sweet voice made Rohan's heart skip a beat. His lips curved into smugness as he raised a question.  "But what is your real name sweet cheeks,? Do your classmates know about your hobby of lying to strangers?"Fear hit Jacqueline like a cold shower. She was sure he would create trouble for her out of nothing.  "I. I believe you can forgive me, Rohan, so tell me what do I have to do to earn your forgiveness?" Rohan grinned victoriously, his gorgeous, eyes shone with a gleam of mischief,  "Are you suggesting that you will do whatever I want?" Her grip on h
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Mood Changer text
"Have you ever made a scene, you saw in a movie or read somewhere in your head and then put yourself in it? Have you ever watched yourself from a different person's view going deeper and deeper into the scene, away from you? I hope you can feel my pain by placing yourself in the scene where your mother asked you to pack some food for your Parents. " [Jacqueline]My head throbbed, clenching my fist, I spooned some rice-eating it. But now it felt tasteless to me. I think just because I always wanted to have food with her in the same way she had served me was the mere reason which made it tastier than it was. But her words had completely ruined my appetite. Maybe because food may fade away but feelings don't."Are you okay dear?""Yeah.""Then you didn't answer me?""Thank you for asking, aunty, but my parents are not at home. So it's not required.""Oh Okay. By the way, Do you know Jo
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First Song
"Real people will always be judged as Rude or arrogant. You can either learn to ignore comments or become fake like the rest of them." [Remo]....Writer's POV:Remo frowned at her answer, it wasn't a big deal to lie. Why was she getting so restless on such a small matter? it didn't make sense to him."I don't think it's a big deal, Jacky. You are overthinking. he won't be that bad."Jacqueline's brows furrowed, Ofcourse it wasn't a big deal for him. He would never have been bullied as to say such things. Again why did she even told him about it?'Ah. stupid woman. Now he will think you're nothing but a dramatic girl.' Her subconscious voice taunted her back and forth and she forgot to reply to him for a few minutes.Waiting for a response Remo sipped the juice he was having earlier. Disappointed at her behavior he texted again."What's wrong?"
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