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In the last few chapters, I made a mistake and Nina and Tina's names were swapped. I apologize for that, please remember wherever you see Tina behaving nicely with Jacqueline, that just means it's her friend Nina, not that bully Tina. Hope you have a good time reading it. If you like the chapter, don't forget to leave a review.

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"There will be a beautiful time, and then there will be hard times, people, places, and feelings, and your way of dealing with them will change, but what won't change is how you feel. So always stay true to yourself and others." [Jacqueline]


Jacqueline: It's Okay. Please don't do this again. Also, I wanted to ask you what you meant about you talking to me as a time-Pass. Am I a time-pass to you?

I sent another text to him, just to clear my misunderstanding or maybe if I was understanding it right.

'I mean, who in their right mind would want me?' I rolled my neck and flung my hair to the side. My heart pounded in m
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