Chatting with Remo.

"Sometimes You can't explain what you see in a person. It's just the way they make you feel like no one can!" [Remo]


"You don't even know me. How can you be crazy for me? Stupid Boy."

"But sweetheart we can know each other. How about you tell me about yourself." Remo asked, He had never enjoyed talking to someone like he was doing today.

"You are a stranger. Why should I tell you about me? I always watch " Saavdhan India" what if you are a kidnapper in real life?"

Remo laughed hysterically upon reading it. 'This girl. Damn.'

He almost had tears in his eyes after laughing so hard. Controlling himself, he finally asked back.

"What are you a baby? Even they don't watch Saavdhan India."

Rolling her eyes, she answered back.

"Fine ask what you want to know. if it's not too personal I will answer you."

"Okay. Age?"



"Of course single. otherwise, do you think I would be talking to you?"

Remo breathed a sigh of relief, For some reason he wanted her to be single.

"No need to be so Angry. How about siblings?"

"one sister."




"That I won't tell you. What if you came there to kidnap me?"

Reno chuckled again at her innocence. Does she think he will need to know about her school name if he wanted to kidnap her?

'She is naive.'



"A nerd huh?"

"You can say that."


Not knowing how to answer that, Jacky thought for a second and then replied



"Favorite Music?"

"BTS and Arijit Singh. Stop now. You answer all these back."

"You are quite Feisty huh. But I like it. Okay."



"Relationship status?"

"Single but ready to mingle."

"Typical boys. Siblings?"

"An elder brother, How about we hook up your sister and my brother."

"You love to tease people huh. But don't involve them they are not in the conversation. Parents?"

Reno rolled his eyes at her but he was impressed. The girl had probably figured him out in five questions. No one had done that with him till her.

"All good and Alive."

"Favorite music?"

"Zayn and Taylor swift."

"Do you have a bike?"

"Oh, I am already falling for you. Right now, I don't have it but I promise you till next year I will have it."

"Geez. You don't have to promise me. Just promise yourself."

"Okay baby."

"Jerk. If you called me baby again. I will call you a jerk again."

"I'm falling for you now. You are so awesome."

"Don't butter me up. I won't fall for it. Mr. Remo."

"Okay fine. Don't fight, Just ask questions first."

"Stupid, Fighting makes friendship stronger."

"Oo La La. So you already considering me your friend." 

Jacky's cheeks flamed redder than they already were. it was embarrassing.

"I didn't mean it. I meant in a general way."

"Whatever makes you sleep at night." Remo teased again, He was used to being cold. But this girl had already started stirring his raw emotions without even meeting him. He never teased girls but here he was teasing her again and again.

While on the other side, Jacky was embarrassed and wanted to cut their conversation short. But she knew if she just did that he might tease her again. To make sure he becomes serious and forgets to tease her again. She questioned.

"First love?"


"How long it lasted?"

"Two years."

Now it was her turn to tease him. 

"Ohohoho. You were pretty serious about Sister-in-law huh?"

Reno frowned at the thought, What was she his sister. There was no way he was going to make her his sister. if better he wanted something else from her.

"What sister-in-law? You are not my sister. I don't have a sister Moreover I don't even want to have a sister like you."

Jacky was a little shocked to hear his mean words. He was talking to her so sweetly before this and now he started saying things like this. 'What's wrong with him?'

"But. Why are you getting so worked up? it was just a way of teasing. How can you get angry about this?"

Remo read the text again and again, 'Okay he admits it was a little mean but how can she just claim to be his sister. No one ever had tried to become his sister again. She had surprised him twice in the little conversation they had.

'what are you, Jacqueline? You are making me interested.'

"it's simple. I don't want to be your brother."

"Okay fine. even I don't want an ass like you to be my brother."

"Did you just used swear words on me?"

Jacky was never able to say more than five sentences to the people she didn't know, Yet knowing that they will never meet in real life made her bold. Hence, she was shining with newfound confidence.

"Yes. I did. What's wrong with it?"

"Nothing Baby. I liked it."


"You can call me to jerk as much as you want to baby!"

Remo raised his hand and get laid on his bed smiling. it was so much fun to tease her again and again.

Jacky sighed in frustration, Why was he calling her baby. They were not in a relationship.

"You are crazy!" 

"Let's be friends Jacqueline!" Remo texted her But to Jacky it didn't felt like he was asking her. it felt like he was telling her. He was using a statement method on her.

She wanted to tell him to ask properly first and not just demand it. But She had been alone for such a long time. She wanted to have a friend. A friend who will treat her free from all formalities. Who will have a right to say anything in any way: Good or bad! She wanted to use the rules of friendship on someone

Her rule #1: No sorry, No thanks.

Remo waited for her answer for five minutes, Unable to be patient he texted her again.

"Friends Jacky?"

Smiling Jacky answered back without the knowledge of the future. That one day it will become her worst decision of life.


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