Exposed lie.

"I had always laughed at the idea of love. it was more like God to me, believed to exist because you are told it does. when no one has ever actually felt it, while capable people earned million on creating tales out of it. Being in a family where parents hate each other and barely talk apart from extremely necessary things and watching as your father hits and abuses your mother. love as a concept eludes you."[Jacqueline]

Jacqueline's POV:

"Good morning Students." Wishing everyone Mrs. Smith, My favorite teacher of our first-subject stepped into our classroom

"Good morning Mam." Everyone chorused.

"Hmm Morning Everyone." Smiling she asked a young boy to step forward. However, As he came into the class, My eyes snapped open with shock. 

"Let's welcome your new classmate Rohan. Rohan, Please introduce yourself."

Jacky trembles as she sets her black eyes on Rohan. It occ

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