Chapter 2: Dystopian World

The man's clad up in a regal outfit, face concealed below a shadow with only his eyes beaming red. Your body cowers in fear under his intimidating gaze as you feel him leisurely scanning you up and down.

He may be far from where you're held captive, but the thoughts of escaping his eyes-or this whole place in general-would mostly likely be inevitable. When he flickers his tongue and stretches out a dark smirk. 

And you can only wish that all of these, were nothing but a dreadful nightmare.


You don't know this place.

You've got that scribbled down the conscious of your mind the second you've been dragged out of that building filled with individuals you assume aren't humans. 

They're not. Definitely not. 

Hesitantly, you turn your head to find the man holding you captive wearing an odd white military uniform while carrying odd swords that seemed to be intertwined in an elegant rose vine.

Where on earth was this place?

Not on earth that's for certain.

Looking around, it's pretty much clear you're stuck in a place that resembles a dystopian world.

How in the world did you even get here?

It probably had something to do with that sudden earthquake. 

"You know better than to keep the prince waiting." A person hollers as he appears from out of no where.

Literally, out of no where. This person appeared completely out of thin air. 

Unlike the person holding you captive, he isn't clad in an all that military fabric.

Just a plain oversized black sweatshirt paired with tight jeans that teasingly shapes out the lean muscles of his legs.

If anything.

You'd think he was human himself.

The stern look etched across his face has your heart suddenly accelerating. Judging by the face, he's probably the type of person you shouldn't mess around with.

You won't deny that his presence's intimidating.

He's a tall man mind you. He's even taller than the ones holding you captive and you have no idea how that's even possible.

It could mean that you're short.

His smut hair looked like it's been raked a thousand times over the past minutes. And the color of his ebony eyes are strikingly similar to his edgy hairstyle.

You're shaking, and he isn't even looking your way.

You wonder if you'd melt like a witch splashed with water if he chooses to lock gazes with you right now.

You hope he doesn't.

You feel your arm getting tugged forward, finding yourself now standing in front of the man himself.

It'd be best to probably not look up.

Who knows what he might do to you if you dare look his way. For all, you know, he could hypnotize you right now to obeying his or this so called King's every command.

How dreadful.

Not that your life isn't anymore.

Who'd have thought that one minute, you're arguing about how exhausted you are, and the next, you're being sold to a certain someone in a land that's supposed to exist only in fantasy books?

Scrunching together what you've observed and gathered so far; You're in a world full of vampires that use humans as a walking blood bag.

You're taking all this in quite nicely if you do say so yourself.

"She's all yours." The voice behind you says in a grumble before their footsteps slowly start to fade into the invisible black hole floating in the air.

You don't know why, but you're tempted to turn around and desperately tell those blood-sucking demons to hold you, prisoner, again.

You'd take getting locked up in an abandoned dungeon any day than having to go with him.

As much as you try to deny it, the man just had that effect on you. It's like he's sucking out the energy right out of you just by his presence.

And you don't like it one bit.

"Come on." Says the ebony-haired man, grabbing your arm tightly before pulling you along with him.

You don't have a choice now do you? Might as well just listen to him.

This world may be different on so many levels, but some aspects of things do hold a great similarity from where you're from.

Like that grand limousine waiting behind those gates for instance.

Realizing that you're actually inching closer to that specific vehicle, you can't help but feel your stomach churn. This is bad.

The man holding you suddenly turns around, dark-as-the-night iris locking with your wide ones and you feel your breath hitch. 

He's gorgeous.

You take your secret compliment back however when he places two fingers against your neck and the next thing you know.

Darkness instantly invades you as your legs give way, the man catching you before you've completely lost consciousness.


Something cold brushes your skin, almost like a finger. Its leisurely tracing imaginary circles above the surface of your clenched knuckles before they're gliding up to your wrist and staying there.

With a reluctant groan, you squint your eyes as you try to recall where you were and why's your neck hurting like your neighbor's dog just scratched you there.

It's blank for a moment, your mind all rubbled and squishy.

"You're awake." A voice mumbles in a sweet velvet melody before you feel a hand gently caressing your cheek.

At that very moment. Everything comes in attacking you like a lightning bolt. Fast and mercilessly. From the whole volcano erupting to the dungeon, getting sent to the podium, later on, sold to-Everything!

With your eyes wide open, in reflex, you swat the palm away from your face and bolt up in a sitting position, chest heaving like you've run a 70.000-mile marathon.

The way his doe eyes beam red only proves that this wasn't a dream. It's real. You're really stuck in a world full of vampires.

Smacking a trembling hand against your suddenly stinging neck, you inwardly curse the gorgeous man who's responsible for your black-out.

The pain's bearable though, nearly subsiding and you catch the visible movement from the man sitting next to you.

It looks like he's pulling something out from outside a box.

It's a collar?

Oh heck no.

"W-Who are you?" You know this may be a bad time to blurt such a question out of the blue, but asking the name of your killer's probably the best thing you can do before getting your blood sucked dry.

The man inches closer to place the collar on your neck before forcefully pushing you down on the bed.

He may be far from where you're held captive, but the thoughts of escaping his eyes-or this whole place in general-would mostly likely be inevitable. When he flickers his tongue and stretches out a dark smirk. 

And you can only wish that all of these, were nothing but a dreadful nightmare.


Now you're laying helpless with your spine pressed against the sheets. The person hovers his eyes all over your face and tugs the side of his lip into a smirk, humming in amusement. 

"Me?" There's something about the way he responds that makes your finders twirl into a fist.  He's making you feel nervous with each passing second.

"Somone important."He purrs, having cornered you underneath him on all fours. "And you are my little pet."

You're frozen like an ice pack in the North Pole when you feel him lean closer to your neck, your breath naturally hitching at the contact of his freezing lips grazing the base of your skin.

Due to fright kicking in and electrocuting you to come back to your senses, you gasp and try pushing him away but he was like stone.

Realizing that escaping him was inevitable, you can only gulp and hope for the best.

Or pray.

You're not religious but like they say: desperate times call for desperate measures. 

With a squeak, you shut your eyes and begin reciting a prayer in your head.

You hear him chuckle, his steamy hot breath is contrast to his ice-cold lips torturing you.

Brushing along your skin, he leisurely glides his mouth closer to your throat.

He lingers there, softening and moistening the area with a flick of his tongue and you try pushing him away again but like the first time.

He doesn't move. 

"This will only hurt for a second." He murmurs against your skin before you feel his fangs dig deep into your neck.

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