The King: Forever Reign

The King: Forever Reign

By:  Laika  Ongoing
Language: English
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Who would’ve thought a school field trip could change Calla’s life in an instant? She suddenly wakes up in a world ruled by vampires and just when she thought her life couldn’t get any more crazier than that? She becomes a personal blood bank for the Prince of the vampires himself. - He bares his fangs, ready to dive them into your neck when all of a sudden, he pulls back and sighs. He drags his fingers across his hair, and shakes his head as if he’s waking himself up. “You.” He says. “Drive me crazy.”

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Lee Young
I love this 🤩
2021-02-10 21:21:22
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Lee Young
2021-02-03 10:51:33
16 Chapters
Chapter 1: Dormant Volcano
218    "You have to mark her now!" Her mom yells in grief, an endless trail of tears gushing down her eyes as she pleads to the King.
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Chapter 2: Dystopian World
The man's clad up in a regal outfit, face concealed below a shadow with only his eyes beaming red. Your body cowers in fear under his intimidating gaze as you feel him leisurely scanning you up and down. He may be far from where you're held captive, but the thoughts of escaping his eyes-or this whole place in general-would mostly likely be inevitable. When he flickers his tongue and stretches out a dark smirk. 
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Chapter 3: Aziel Basileus
He doesn't move. "This will only hurt for a second." He murmurs against your skin before you feel his fangs dig deep into your neck. - 
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Chapter 4: Friend or Foe?
"Calla, are you okay? " Frantically, she pushes your hair back to examine your neck.When no sign of puncture is seen, she holds your face in between her cold hands and sternly looks at you straight in the eyes before saying. 
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Chapter 5: Lycan
 Each vein pulsating blood in your living body reacts to his presence and it's boiling with annoyance.  
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Chapter 6 : The Keeper Of The Gates
"You're not leaving." It's Aziel this time talking beside you, arms crossed over his chest. He does this thing of raising an eyebrow up, almost in a cocky manner that makes your blood boil."And why not?"He shrugs, fabric scr
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Chapter 7: Dungeon
"But my brothers-"Lionell cuts you off. "Don't worry about your brothers. They know of the plan and are actually on board with it."It takes you about thirty seconds to completely understand Lionell's words. You didn't happen to hear him wrong right? "I'm sorry what?"  Lionell blinks his eyes and snaps his fingers again resulting in the book disappearing with a poof. "You're talking about Jeongi, Yoonsi, and Haru right?" "How do you know them?" Lionell opens his mouth only to close it when Yvon sends him a glare from your side.Instead, he shows you a dimpled smile. "It's a long story actually. I'll have them explain to you themselves. It seems like my work here is done. I best be going now. It was a pleasure meeting you, Calla."You offer Lionell a hard stare.
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Chapter 8 : Zagubiona Dusza
Stuffing your face against the pillow, you hum loudly. For some reason, Yvon doesn't think the response is satisfactory. You're offended by that but choose to let it slide. You wonder what time it is. When the volcano erupted, it was during the afternoon. You were probably out for five hours before getting auctioned and once you arrived in the palace, you blacked out again. All those countless times you collapsed resulted in you losing awareness of time. It's probably late afternoon right now. I mean, you can still see that it's daylight outside. "I'm serious, Calla.""I heard you." A Few Hours Later 
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Chapter 9 : Silver Bluish Fur
Dyan nods his head in understanding. "I understand what you mean. You're a Lycan after all. Your brothers were just trying to protect you."You scoff absently. "I guess so."How does feeding you vegetables protect you exactly? Instead of voicing that out, you just shove in another spoonful of this world's yummy delicacy into your mouth.Yvon nibbles the bottom of her lip before placing another chicken leg on your plate, forcing a smile to show on her face. "Here. Eat more Calla. If you want, I can have the chiefs cook something similar for your midnight snacks.""Sounds like a plan." You wink at her. Later That Night. It was silent and everything that was alive in this realm had finally shut down. Slowly setting the blanket aside, you step out of
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Chapter 10 : Break In
Trees surround your environment but that doesn't stop you from running towards the forest. At this rate, it'll take them until daylight for them to find out you've escaped. Where do go from here though?You've thought ahead of that. If a wizard like Lionell exists in this realm, then they're bound to know how to go back to earth.You give yourself a nod.Your mission from here on out is to find a wizard. A roar. And not a pleasant one at that. It's like a wail of a thousand demons. The wind blows harsher, stronger, and it's getting colder. When you look up, it's as if the trees are devouring you. You can't see the moon. There's no light and darkness engulfs you. But you can definitely hear something. And whatever that thing is, it's coming closer.You feel your s
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