Chapter 62 Breakfast with a Lord

My footsteps echoed inside of the stoned floor of the building. Numerous advanced looking drones floated in the air and guards were lined everywhere. Two double doors waited for us at the end of the hallway that automatically opened as soon as we entered. 

A long table greeted me. At the end of it was a man with long white hair and very pale skin. His eyes were almost white and his fingers were long and bonney. He smiled when he saw me. “Ah, Nathalia Trayce, welcome. Please join me for breakfast.”

I saw the two royal sentinels giving me a warning look before I addressed the man in front of me. “Lord Ylgarr.” I bowed. “It would be an honor.” I am not sure of the formalities here, but I am just going on instinct and bowing. I wasn’t sure at first if the person was exactly Lord Ylgarr, but by the small c

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