Chapter 67 Help In The Cave

“Take her. Quick!” I felt Skyr lowering me down into the sub as Byron reached up to grab me. I heard the lock clicking above us before Skyr started yelling again. “Get us out of here. Now.”

“What about the others?” Byron asked after he lowered me to the cold ground.

I reached out to touch Byron’s shoulders and shook my head weakly at his question. Both of his brows shot up in dismay before he bit his lips and started rummaging through the first aid supply kit.

I felt the sub starting to move and lowering itself into the water. “Can’t this thing go any faster?!” Skyr demanded.

“This is the fastest that we can go. My allies are still opening the gate!” Trei yelled. 


Hello! I don't know if anyone is reading this but the first book is finally done. Happy reading and I hope that at least you enjoyed their adventure. More will come in the sequel: "Through the Storm" Coming this May 15, 2021.

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Nans Smith
idk how many ppl read this but I did its great.hope more ppl read it.iam about to go start the other book.

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