Chapter 44

    Cheryl had being doing well.Hermione was talking to her doctor when Peach and two other people approached her.“What do you want Peach?”she asked.“You need to get your daughter out of this hospital,”she said.“Why would I do that?”she asked looking down upon her.“Because I am a shareholder of this hospital.This is the owner,my best friend.I can't have you here while you are suing my daughter,”she said.Hermione turned to the owner of the hospital.“I'll pay twice my bill,”she offered.“No thank you,I just want you out of my hospital,”she said.

     “I have paid my bills,you cannot just make me discharge her for no valid reason,”she said furiously.“Actually I can.This is a private hospital and I can decide if I want your money or not and I am saying I don't.You have two hours to get her out,”Peach said.Hermione looked at Peach sternly.The woman had a satisfied crooked smile.“You think you got one against me?”Hermione asked her.“I got your message from Ca

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