CHAPTER 99 Reality Check

The next day, Harrisons again came to Skylar’s office and didn’t forget to bring Evelyn as their entry pass for Skylar’s cabin.

They were escorted to a large meeting room by Skylar’s secretary. Now, finally, they are sitting in front of Skylar where they can talk to her peacefully.

Skylar was sitting on the president’s seat and her right side was Steve and then Kevin, her left side was sitting Evelyn then Simone and after was Penelope, opposite to Skylar was sitting Levi Harrison.

It’s looking like a beggar were in front of a queen.

 “So, tell for what makes you so eager to see me since yesterday and even made you create a commotion at the front desk of my office?”

Skylar asked sarcastically and Harrisons have egg on their faces by Skylar’s words.

“Skylar, as you know.....”

Levi just opened his mouth to say what he wanted to say since the bac

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