Chap-33*The Place Called Home*

Delilah was watching her friend’s face in not only shock but in disappointment as well, the only person she ever thought would take care of her was turning her face away from her now.

“YOU KNOW, HE IS A POWERFUL MAN, JUST LEAVE THE GOD DAMN CITY, WHOEVER YOU COME IN CONTACT WITH WILL GET IN TROUBLE.” To make Delilah feel how important it was for her to leave the place, Monica felt compelled to push her hard.

“Monica! I get it. I will leave in a few days.” Hurt at her friend’s harsh words, Delilah whispered with a lack of energy.

“You have to leave today,” Monica got up from her seat and crossed her arms across her chest, and turned her face to the other side.

“Today?” Delilah had no idea why her friend had turned her face away from helping her, but her heart was shattered as now she had nowhere to go, but to go back to live with her uncle and aunt, who abhorred her and now that she was pregnant,

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