Chapter 162

Chapter 162 


I thought coming back home would bring me a little bit of peace and I could hear myself think. I was wrong. When I got off the plane and salmon I got to talking Daniel just happened to be at the same restaurant as we were eating it. He was supposed to be on an international trip but Salvatore had taken a flight out of the country the night before. I did notice that there wasn't himself and when he came to sit with Samuel and me I knew why.

Sam has asked me if I could give him a job. He is a sports lawyer and he's a pretty good one at that. If Paul was buying the Rossi sports division I think he would like to keep him. I didn't buy his story about Paul trying to use him to buy my company and change it to Paul Stone. I did say before that I was protected and that included being under the Luca  Corp umbrella. 

Sam might be fun to hang out with, but he's a pretty bad liar for a lawyer he's respected and loved by h

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