Chapter 50

Grief is the price we have to pay for love...

Nobody ever thought that this was how the gang would've reunited with each other. They were hoping and praying that everyone would walk out alive, but it seems like the world had something in store for them. 

Everyone was gathered in the graveyard, where the souls of those who had passed away now rest. Wearing the traditional color black, the gang stood in front of the casket of their teammate, close friend, sister, and mother. The atmosphere around them was dishearted and depressing, the wind was very still, and there was immense silence. The sun was nowhere to be seen as the dark, grumpy clouds completely covered it. 

The moment the gang had retrieved Lorriane's body, the twins immediately decided to bury her in Paris, which was where she had passed, just like she advised them to do. 


Lorraine had g

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