Chapter 18

Just then, the door cracked open and Henry strolled in. 

As soon as Alex set his eyes on Henry, he gradually tightened his fist and all he could think of at the moment was Henry's betrayal. Looking at him, all he wanted to do was to pin him against the wall and probably punch him in the stomach but again he held it in. 

Ashley looked from Henry to Alex and from Alex to Henry. The atmosphere was getting tensed as neither of them said anything, not even a word. 

Clearing her throat, Ashley spoke.

"I heard you guys were bestfriends" She stated as a matter of fact.

"Did something happen between you two?" She asked. Of course, Annabelle had told her they fought because of a girl. Even though she tried asking Henry a couple of times, he just won't tell. She wanted to know the details and here was her opportunity. 

"Forget it" Said Henry as he slowly lowered his butt to the floor beside Ashley. 

"Forget it? It's so e

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