Chapter 3: Just A Glimpse.

Genevieve and Lucy were preparing for the board meeting as per Nathan's orders.

He wants to make a speech to all of his workers...his new workers.

Fifteen minutes had passed by and all the workers were present there, in the boardroom…

They all were waiting for Nathan Blackmark, just then the hoofing of his branded shoes made the people present in the room standstill.

"Good morning, everyone…" he spoke in his usual magnificent voice. She had a few moments to admire his back round backside, perfectly encased in tailored charcoal grey trousers. 

"Ms Harper?" he cleared his throat and she came back from the moment of her fantasy and looked around dumbfounded.

Lucy whispered to her, "He is asking you to bring him a coffee…"

"Oh, Lord," nodding, she immediately walked out of the conference room.

Genevieve was making the coffee on the coffee machine when she recalled the scene where she misbehaved with her boss.

She is not the kind of girl who acts up like the way she did, but her boss was so very annoying at that moment. 

"Only if he was nicer to me...I would have kept my mouth shut," she talked to herself.

Nathan who was standing beside the wall heard everything and came forward, with a hand on his pocket he uttered, "Or you can keep your mouth shut now."

Startled, she turned around to have a shock staring at her arrogant boss.

"My Lord...the just ready," her voice was deathly quiet.

Without saying a word, he turned to walk away, leaving her alone to feel guilty.

"I heard one of you did leak the news to the press...I mean why would my professional workers do that?"

Walking back and forth, he slid his hand on the pocket, he looked like some sort of a Law Lord, ready to judge each person there.

Genevieve quietly went to him and offered him the cup of hot coffee, just the way he likes it.

"My Lord, the girls are ready to see a glimpse of you...they are treating you as some sort of a celebrity," one of the workers silently uttered.

"That I know. And I've decided to announce the big news to the citizens of California."

Genevieve was silently listening to what he was saying...she hates this guy. 

It's her first day here and he already is causing her endless troubles.

"I wonder what is so special about him...I mean he is just an ordinary rich brat. It's not like he is a celebrity or something." Genevieve whispered to Lucy who hushed her up.

"Ms Harper, you will come with me to the press interview."

His words brought a dreadful expression on her face and suddenly she doesn't know how to smile anymore.

"Let's see how much of an ordinary rich brat I am…"

All the eyes were unexpectedly on Genevieve and she felt embarrassed.

"I can he hear me like this?" Genevieve and Lucy, we're rushing towards the elevator and while she was venting, Lucy casually answered, "Maybe you were too loud."

"Or maybe he is…" she got her voice a little low then continued, "Or maybe he has some superpowers."

Scoffing, Lucy retorted, "Gen, he is a boss...the place he came from is no ordinary. And don't forget that he is the last…" Genevieve cuts her off by speaking, "The last in the line of a Prince. Yeah. I know."

"He doesn't hold any superpower but he is very attentive. His hearing may be sharp...that's all."

Looking around Genevieve was still in a doubt.

The press interview was held outside the office building, and many journalists were present there.

The sound of clicking the cameras was echoed outside the office building.

Nathan began with his introduction and how he moved in and took over the company.

The girls were drooling over him while the guys were excited to see him, some of them were jealous.

Genevieve stood beside him, her mind was racing with so many questions.

Something about this guy was...he was the most mysterious person she ever met. 

Nathan Blackmark shows a sign of dignity, he fits the stereotypical masculine image of toughness and he is not easy to deal with.

As handsome as he was, he could get any girl in this world but he wasn't seeing anyone not he was interested in.

When a reporter asked him about his personal life that if he is married or engaged or single, he chose to answer him honestly.

"I am not seeing anyone. However, I am hoping I could find someone compatible with me in the future. As I want an heir to the throne," his smile was disarming.

The interview was done and he got back inside with his assistant.

"My Lord, what do you want to eat for lunch?" Genevieve asked, busily working on her iPad.

He stopped, turning around he saw how offhand she was walking and bumped into him.

His piercing gaze sweeping over her face.

He was obscenely beautiful.

"Ms Harper, can you be professional for one time?" even with his voice low to the texture of rubber, he was still insulting her.

She snapped back from the moment when the elevator pinged open behind them.

She pulled herself away, giving him the personal space he deserved.

"Oh, she knows how to pull back."

He taunted her when she fired back, "Oh, flattered?"

Turning around, he uttered, "Don't give yourself too much credit, Ms Harper."

"And we are going to a lunch meeting…" she heard his voice before she stepped in the elevator. 

Nathan and Genevieve reached the five-star restaurant by sea.

The crispy air made her blonde hair blow freely.

Nathan was walking a step ahead of his assistant and while she was walking, she tottered on her heels, close enough to fall when a hand caught her.

A low shriek released from her mouth made Nathan turn around only to see a handsome guy was holding her arm.

"Careful, Miss…" his voice was sexually attractive.

Smiling, she reacted, "Thank you."

The guy turned his neck towards Nathan and let out a side lipped smile, "Mr Blackmark, I assume this gorgeous lady is with you."

"Mr Lopez, it's so nice to finally meet you." Nathan stepped forward for a handshake.

Leaving her arm gently, a handsome guy named Mr Lopez shook hands with the arrogant boss, Nathan Blackmark.

And Genevieve was still confused between the two men.

Mr Lopez is said to be the man behind the beauty of California. 

He is the owner of the five-star restaurants and clubs. His family is so famous.

While on the lunch table with many professional people, Genevieve was sitting quietly.

"Mr Blackmark, we would be honoured to work with you."

Genevieve was quietly impressed by the way the people treated Nathan.

The people giving him respect as if he was some kind of a royal personality and he lavishes it so much.

While Mr Lopez was chatting with Genevieve, Nathan talked to the other businessmen about his plans.

Genevieve wanted to use the restroom and she was about to stand up when her boss held her hand.

"Where do you think you're going, Ms Harper?" In a moment rage engulfed him.

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