Dragon's Gem
Dragon's Gem
Author: Aman Kaur

Chapter 1

Her heart pounded hard in her chest. To say she was scared would be an understatement. Her eyes glancing over the Arrival/Departure board as the customers bustled around collecting there luggage. A few security guards speaking as they watched for suspicious people as the lines up filled for the rental cars.

Her mind was  going crazy at the thought of leaving. She was finally getting out and doing something for herself. A dream to leave, to fly but most of all to start fresh. 25 years of her life went into everything that was not her; her abusive relationship, her family who could care less for her and jobs that just brought her down. She needed out, she need a fresh new start.

A women whom she never knew called her a week ago to tell her that her grandma on her father's side had passed away. She left a mobile home in her will to her.  The women that passed was actually one of the only family members she talked to. She actually grew up with her always being there. They moved to this hell hole of a town that did nothing but feed off you.

Her home town was small but perfect. It had actually grown in size since she lived there.  Everyone knew you and if you felt in danger, you would be welcomed into their home. She knew everyone by name in the area and they all knew her. She knew that wouldn’t be the case anymore. So many people were old at the time  when she lived there. With the new developments she knew there would be newer faces around.

Her father got a job out of town that just dragged them further and further away. She hated it. Every town they moved into was nothing compared to her home town. 5 streets and one stop light. Mom and pop shops and a bank lined the main street. There was a church and a school that was always filled with smiling children. A small convenient store that held most of the essentials. It was an hour drive to the next biggest city. That was not the case anymore. The larger grocery stores were moving in due to the increase in population. The original portion of town still there just the new portion added on.

There were three parks that were well cared for and had large amounts of apparatuses and swings. The wood chips were never broken. The red and green maple trees in abundance with  flowerbeds that surrounded them filled with the most beautiful of daisies and pansies. There was a gazebo that had hanging hexagon shaped baskets that were always filled with morning breath and the multiple different color of Daylilies you could find.

The beaches were kept clean and clear of rocks. The sand was always brought in after it was cleaned up. The water was always clear and refreshing. The river was filled from the mountain run offs. It was dirty in the spring but cleared up by early summer when it was needed. You could see small dams built by the children of old and new to make deeper swimming holes made by rocks so the water could still flow. Her favorite spot was a red bridge by the school that  was built to cross over into the mountain side to multiple trails. It was the deepest place and you could jump from the bridge if you were careful. The river did flow into a beautiful lake she had remembered swimming in as a girl.

“Rosalie,” The voice of her friend hit her over everything else going on. She turned to see the beautiful blond haired women who’s hair was cut into a bob that accented her long fair skin. She wore the lightest amount of make up that made her look better then most of the models on the runway. Though she was fit she didn’t flaunt it. Her beautiful knee length black spring dress showed her curves but left much for the imagination. This women was her best friend but if Rosalie had anything to say about it, she would be her sister. Rosalie's Emerald green eyes fell on her friend cerulean blue eyes as they wrapped their arms around each other. “I can’t believe you’re actually doing this. I am going to miss you.”

“I have to Amber. I need this more than anyone knows.” Rosalie smiled happily as they broke away. She gently moved her long, loose dark brown curls from her gently tanned face.  She never liked makeup and her face sure showed it. Though long faced she had a sharp jaw and a flawless complexion. She had a fringed bang to help support the long hair, making her appear a little younger then she was.

“I know girl and I am happy for you. Plus, this just means I get out of this town from time to time,”  Amber gently said as they began to step towards security. Her long skinny manicured hand grabbing for one of the bags Rosalie had. Rosalie saw this and passed over her carry-on as it was a rolling version. She adjusted her purse onto her shoulder. She had already checked her other two large suitcases and duffle bag in. “You got everything?”

“I hope so, if not I’m sure you and mom can send them to me or bring them when you visit.” Rosalie smiled happily. Amber and her mom took Rosalie under their wing when things got really bad with her husband. They helped pick her up and got her out of the relationship she so desperately tried getting out on her own. She had cried to her biological parents but they told her she was lying. When her friend and her mom stepped in they had become so tight it was hard to leave them. It felt like she had a mother and sisters love again. Especially after everything that went on in her family.

“So you're on the plane….” Amber started as they sat on a few grey upholstered seats close to where Rosalie would have to walk though security.

“The flight should only take a few hours and once I land, a cab should be waiting. The cab will take me to the café I am to work at. From there I should meet my cousin and he will take me to settle down in the mobile home that is now mine,” Rosalie spoke as if she had been rehearsing it for weeks. Amber smiled happily at her as they hugged once more. Fear was slowly setting in and Rosalie felt hot. She knew she shouldn’t have warn the grey knitted long sleeve sweater that hid her scars and slightly underweight body. Her burgundy leggings hugged her muscular legs, though she was to skinny didn’t mean she wasn’t still fit. She hated how she looked, but she had come a long way from where she was. After looking around at the other travels she felt like she was ready for fall and not spring.

“I’m going to really miss you, Rose,” Amber spoke after a few minutes of silence.

“I have space for you to visit whenever you want.” She smiled happily hoping they would come every other weekend. But with Amber in university and Mom running a business that it probably wouldn't happen. She just hoped  she could find someone to help her get through the tough times if they come up.

“Just promise me to stay safe and remember,” Amber gently said placing a hand on Rosalie’s arm. She could feel her slightly tremble and knew this was going to be really hard on her. “Not everyone is going to hurt you.”

“I will, thank you for everything, Amber and promise me, you won’t take to long to decide to come visit.” Rosalie smiled trying to reassure not only herself but her friend. Amber hugged her one last time before she left for the parking lot. Rosalie watched her go before carefully walking the line they used to keep the crowd in a single file line. She watched as everyone placed their items in a bin further up. She was scared but just focused on one step at a time. She couldn’t back down now.

Getting to the belt she grabbed a bin and took a deep breath. She placed her black Arden’s ankle boots in the grayish blue bin along side her black leather Calvin Klein bag. Her black Ralph Lauren jacket went on top of the stack. Her deep purple carry-on case was opened and some of the contents were emptied into a second bin. She carefully pushed them down the line as she waited to be called up.  She was trying hard to stop the trembling, as a guy in charge kept a close eye one her. This caused her to start to shake even more. Thoughts ran through her head,  causing her to close her eyes and  try to focus her mind. ‘No one was here to hurt me,’  She said over and over to try and calm her nerves. The woman saw it and changed places with another  security guard who guided people  through the security scans.

“Ma'am everything okay?” The security women said placing a gentle hand on Rosalie's shoulder. Rosalie shuttered at the touch before looking at the lady. She was a little plump and much shorter then Rosalie. Her raven black hair was tied back into a fairly large bun. Her flawless skin was deep in tone and without any make up. The yellow suite she had to wear wasn’t doing anything for her complexion.

“It is, I’m sorry,” She said though the lady still could hear the fear In her voice. She smiled gently to try and comfort Rosalie.

“Come with me.” She smiled gently leading her forward. Rosalie stepped gently after her. Her black ankle socks stuck to the harsh material of the grey carpet. She led her over to the security scanner. “Wait right here.”

“Okay,”  Rosalie quietly said as she waited for the guard to come back. The man motioned her forward, causing her to shutter. He looked at her with concern.

“Breta,” He hollered to the security guard he had called over prior. The women looked up from what she was reading and came to his call. He looked back to Rosalie and spoke, “Don’t worry sweetheart.”

“What’s up, Brett?” The lady security guard spoke before she noticed Rosalie shaking again. “What’s wrong, sweet pea?”

“I’m sorry.” Rosalie dropped her eyes to the ground. She was so nervous and it was getting the better of her. Brett finally clued in that this was her first flight and from the frightening looks she gave many of the men they hadn’t been to good with her.

“What’s your name?” Brett calmly asked, trying not to frighten her more than she already  was.

“Rosalie,”  Her voice so gently Brett smiled.

“I promise,  Rosalie nothing is going to happen to you. We just step through this machine.” He spoke pointing her through. She slowly stepped through only to have it beep. “Belly button pierced?”

“No, oh but my um…” She wanted to say bra but was to embarrassed to. He was a guy after all though he was almost twice her age, he gently chuckled.

“Cant believe out of all of those Lacey frilly things you chose an underwire bra to go on a flight.” He chuckled knowing exactly what she was trying to say. He was a father of 4 girls. Though he knew the answer he proceeded to ask, “First flight?”

“Yes,” She said with a gentle smile. This caused him to smile in return.  She was just like his one daughter. He missed them while at work but knew it was only a few hours until he would be home with them.

“Well, you enjoy your flight. I promise, he’s gone and you’re safe,” He gently spoke with a reassuring hand on her shoulder. He was happy to see she didn’t shutter. His job was done but he knew she had a long way to go. “A broken heart just needs time to repair.”

“Thank you.” She smiled as she walked over to another lady holding her stuff for her. The lady even helped her close her luggage and pointed her to the right gate.

“Now that women is the reason angel’s exist.” Brett smiled happily as he watched her walk away. “Though broken she still fights to make everyone happy.”

“You have a way with the broken,  Brett.” Breta smiled as she went to find a new position so she could keep an eye on her and make sure she safely got on her flight.

Rosalie sat down on a black cushioned seat right outside her gate. She couldn’t miss the flight or she may never be able to go. She was scared but happy all at the same time. A new adventure, something she hasn’t had in her life for a while. She prayed things worked out and this wasn’t going to make things worse.

His eyes glanced out the window as he flew over the small city. Years of searching and it all lead to this once small town that now flourished with multiple buildings. He never understood builders and  why they never get rid of the old. Though, he shouldn’t be complaining, this world was still new to him. He was still trying to fit in and it wasn’t working to well. Too many distractions, beautiful women being the top of that list.

He came from a broken world. One that had been hidden from prying eyes of this ‘disgusting’ world as he would put it. So many inferior to him, but he couldn’t do anything about it. He was the weak one, the one born to die. He wanted to change that, he wanted to be the strong one. He was going to bring them back and no one else.

“Excuse me sir," A young well fit airhostess said. She was pushing the cart down the narrow isle of the plane. He smirked gently looking up at her. Her olive eyes eyeing him up and down, as she tucked her poker straight red hair behind her pierced ears. Her manicure nails on full display against her naked face. He allowed his steal grey eyes to look her up and down, knowing if he could he would have left with this women for the night. She shyly smiled watching his eyes check her out. She pointed to the drinks and said, “Can I get you anything?”

“I’m fine thank you.” His voice was  husky and deep as he spoke. Something the women swooned over and he could tell it was doing it job for it was working on the hostess. She nodded and slowly stepped away disappointed. She prayed he would change his mind and ask for her back but not for the drinks she was offering.

His mind wandered to his mother who gave up everything to protect him. He knew she would be disappointed in him. He was on a mission he had to complete. His brother sat on his thrown all because he was considered the stronger one. His mothers death was the result of his own weakness. He was so little at the time but no one understood him. No one. He balled his fist, as he tried to calm his anger. This place was his last hope, it had to be here or his dreams would be crushed.

“Attention, due to unforeseen circumstance we have to make a quick stop. Please buckle up as we prepare to land,” The pilot spoke over the intercom. He was mad and shocked. He reached his muscular hand up flagging down another hostess. She spotted him and quickly ran over. Her short deep blue pencil skirt staying straight along her long legs. Her white long sleeve blouse was buttoned to the top with a deep blue scarf tied around her neck. The deep blue vest constricting her breast from moving anywhere. Like the first hostess, her hair was tied back into a braid. The way it marbled he knew her dark brown hair had to be streaked with blond and red.

“Is this not Valiscar?”  He spoke once the hostess was close enough to him. The women shook her head a little frightened of him.

“We are still a few hour flight out,” She spoke gently before running off. He smirked watching her go. A women with another commitment. They were still affected by him,   but would run away to try and save their relationship.

The pilots brought the plane down safely and parked on the runway. They would take off quickly as it was a quick issue. He didn’t think it was an easy fix, but he didn’t say much of anything. He was annoyed they had to stop. If only he could fly himself he would have been there by now.

A beauty’s reflection caught his eye from the window he was sitting beside. There on a plane across from them, Rosaline was getting seated. She was in the window seat halfway down the plane that was much smaller than the one he was on. But that women intrigued him in more ways than one. He was confused at how she shuttered as a man sat beside her.

“Must be some type of slut,” He whispered to himself before turning away. Rosalie shuttered again as the guy tried to get comfy in the seat beside her. She never though this was going to be so difficult. First the perverts coming up to the plane and now she had to sit beside another guy. She was going to be a mess by the time she got off this flight.

The man beside her felt her uneasiness and gently turned to her. With a gentle smile, he lifted his hand slowly. He motioned to her when Rosalie saw what was going on. She lifted her hand  which was small compared to his as they shook. The memories of her ex’s hand being placed on her in places she didn’t want caused her anxiety to kick in. With the shaking moment he was able to see the scars on her wrist and knew instantly why she was shuddering.

“Well, looks like I just got dropped in the trash can,” He said causing her to look up at him in confusion. All traces of what she was thinking went out the window, as she tried to wrap her head around what he said. “Damn girl, you’re cute when you look confused. But this hunky man can’t be yours, I’m already claimed by another.”

“Sorry.” She stuttered a little.

“Oh, come on girlfriend, give me a little credit here.” He said with a flair, causing her to giggle as she realized he was gay. “There it is.”

“Sorry,” She whispered. Her voice sounding so fragile and innocent. He knew he had to change that specially around him.

“Don’t you worry, sweet cheeks. It happens to everyone.” He smiled. “But you however are a different case.”

“Oh,” She said thinking there was something wrong with her. He quickly chuckled.

“No, there isn’t anything wrong with you. Most ladies try and jump me, but you were shuttering. Means another one of me, but more male, has hurt you horribly,” He said gently, placing a hand on her thigh. She shuttered causing him to instantly raise his hand like he was about to be shot. She smiled at this causing him to as well.

“Yeah,” She decided to answer. With him already knowing everything, even if it may have been an accusation, she decided it was okay.

“Then let me guess, you’re heading out of this city to a small town for a fresh start,” he said causing her to nod. “Wow, a true angel right there.”

“Where?” She spoke looking around. Her eyes fell on a man lifting luggage like it was nothing. He of course was referring to her but he let it go. He would tell her another time.

“Now that is a hunk of a man.” He smirked causing her to laugh. He smiled knowing he has relieved the tension and this flight was going to be a good one for her. His sister was in an abusive relationship and they didn’t intervene in time, causing her to lose her life. Anyone who makes it out of one and can start there life were angels in his eyes.

“Too much baggage for me,” She smirked causing them both to laugh. She knew it was a bad joke,  but appreciated he laughed with her.

“Rosco,” he said after they were able to catch their breath. The joke wasn’t that funny but he just couldn’t stop laughing after he started. It helped she was laughing so he went with it.

“Rosalie,” She smiled happily.

“So where is this hunk of metal taking you today?” He asked as they began to move.

“My home town, Valiscar.” She said with a frown.

“Really? When were you there?” He asked a little shocked he hadn’t seen her before. He had been dating a man from there and in the last 4 years he has not seen her. He was on this flight every weekend.

“I left there about 18 years ago.” She told him.

“Well that would explain why I haven’t seen you around,” He smiled. “ Now, you have a new friend for your return. Trust me girl you need anything you just ring me up.”

“Well it’s much appreciated,” She smiled warmly to him. Her emerald green eyes noticed he  was clean shaven with a few small scars along his left eye brow. He wore a salmon pink shirt that complimented his fare skin. He had short sides and a textured top blond hair. He was like a sexy bad boy gone good. If he wasn’t gay, she would have loved for him to take her on a date. She mentally slapped herself, she was just to broken to be thinking about that. They exchanged numbers and talked a bit more about each other.

“That was thrilling. Oh, I’m so excited to be here and to surprise my boyfriend.” Rosco exclaimed to literally everyone that was asking him how his day was. She just smiled at him with excitement. She wish she could be excited about a boyfriend like he was. The thought made her shutter. “Come on, girlfriend we need to get you to your taxi.”

“Thanks,” She said as he helped her over to the security guards. She began to shutter again when the guys looked at her. He placed a reassuring arm around her shoulder for comfort. When he felt her relax he pointed her through following close behind. He helped her gather her things and brought her over to the luggage belt. He didn’t have extra luggage just the carry-on as most of his stuff was in the apartment him and his boyfriend shared when he was here. He instantly took the two bags as she held the single duffle.

Rosalie was so focused on everything around her as they walked to the entrance, she didn’t realize another gentlemen was in front of her. She fell to the floor, catching his phone as it fell from his grasp. He was shocked to see her, the women from the plane seat, didn’t look scared now. Well that was until she looked at him and fear crept in. A part of him awoke that he had never experienced. Her eyes held  a secret as he watched a pair of hands putting a gem into them.

She got up and looked anywhere but at him, as she held out his phone in front of him. He could see her tremble and growled. She coward away a bit before Rosco swooped in to help. He grabbed the guys phone as he put himself between them.

“I’m so sorry, sir. This is her second time in an airport and she is a curious women. I apologize for her bumping into you,” He spoke as clear as he could even though he felt like this man was drilling daggers into him. He was extremely hot, but it didn’t even phase Rosco who instantly thought of his man. He quickly passed the phone over before collecting Rosalie and her things. She held onto Rosco for dear life as she calmed her staggered breathing while they walked to the entrance.

“Thank you.” She was finally able to breath. His cologne smelled like an apple orchard fresh in bloom.

“That’s what I’m here for girlfriend. Now one of these fine gentlemen have to be your taxi driver,” He said as his eyes fell on women dressed in matching pants and t- shirt’s. His eyes soon fell on a women holding a sign. “Or maybe that women there.”

“Thank goodness,” Rosalie sighed with relief as she looked over to see the same women holding a sign with her name on it. She had requested a female driver, but they couldn’t guarantee they would have one on. “I guess this is goodbye.”

“Don’t look so sad, sweet cheeks. It’s a small town, we will see each other now and again, plus you've got my number. If any of these men her so much as blow on you wrong you call Brother Rosco and he will be there for you girl,” He said wrapping her in a tight hug. “Now off you go because I have a certain hotty eyeing me up.”

“Bye Rosco,” She chuckled as she watched him saunter over to a guy before throwing his arms around him. She knew he had to have found his boyfriend. With a sigh, she gathered her bags as best she could and dragged them over to the lady who happily smiled at her. She grabbed two of the 4 bags and pulled them to her black Lexus. She smiled wildly, never had she ever ridden in a cab as luxurious  as this. The leather seats were all in tack and the cabin was to the perfect temperature with a hint of spice.

“Welcome to Valiscar.” The driver spoke gently. Rosalie smiled happily thanking her. She was a short Indian lady who had her black hair tied back into a braid. She wore a blue button up collar shirt with black blazer and dress pants paired with a runner type work shoe completed with a tie. “What brings you here?”

“My grandmother left me a mobile home so I decided I would move back.” Rosalie smiled almost getting excited to be here. The air was bright and the mountains  were cushioned with trees. This was her favorite feeling of the country side. She didn’t get that much from Grastin, the town she came from.

“Well I hope our small city lives up to what your looking for,”  The driver smiled happily, as they drove in silence from then on.

He watched her get into the cab and knew he had to find her. He had to find out why she affected him so much. He has been with many women and some even more stunning than her, but she just did something to him. He didn’t even have to look at her, she just had to be in his personal space. With no one to call he would have to figure this out for himself.

Frustrated he punched the closest wall that made a sound, but held up against the power of his fist. He now had two things to do. One was to free his name by finding a stupid gem and the second was now her. Why couldn’t things have just been easier? He really didn’t need this. He was satisfied with his flings, so why did this women come in and challenge all this? He growled at the annoyance and grabbed his black leather suitcase. He wore his deep blue blazer over his white button up shirt. His blue pant legs had no crease in them, as they lye flat down to his black leather dress shoe. He really needed to calm down before he tore the roof off this god forsaken human contraption they call a building.

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