I am the dragon

I am the dragon

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Lucas Grey becomes the head of his family at sixteen. He realizes that his parents death wasn't an accident. His main goals are to take care of his two sisters and find his parents killer. Lucas finds his bonded half but she doesn't want him, a brutal attack makes her go into hiding and Lucas has to suffer her nightmares. By chance they meet again and the bond is as strong as ever. Lucas is stubborn, slow to forgive and Rylee is afraid of loving him. Follow their story as they get pulled together by their bond but pushed apart by their actions as Lucas tries to lead his lair and protect his family. “See how easy it is to excite you,” I said as my fingers pushed inside her. Her whole body stiffened as she looked at me. “I don't love you Rylee and I wouldn't fuck you even if you begged for it,” I said. Her hand made contact with my cheek as she slapped me as hard as she could and it stung a little as she pushed herself up and away from me. “I fucking hate you,” she said coldly and walked over to the bed. “You hate me? I hate you back!” I yelled at her. “You expect me to believe your story but you won't believe mine?” she said angrily. “You can't even remember what the fuck you did that night, I saw you coming out of that bathroom with him following you! Can you honestly tell me you remember what you did in there?” I yelled. “I know myself and I wouldn't sleep with some random stranger,” she said as she looked at me. “Except that you did."

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I loved this story, Iwas pulled in by chapter 5 and did not put it down till finished.
2023-02-15 11:09:57
default avatar
Loving this story!! On to book 2.
2023-02-13 22:03:31
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Binge read this book. It was fantastic
2023-01-16 13:13:40
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beth Webb-Hepler
This a great book!!! I love the love story!!
2022-12-02 20:54:37
user avatar
It’s very interesting and knowledgeable
2023-05-19 00:28:29
62 Chapters
For hundreds of years we have lived in secret. We no longer live in fear of humans or hunters, witches have magic and we have strength, but like any supernatural being, we try to live in peace with all beings even when they’re no threat, we still don’t relish revealing ourselves to everyone.At the age of seventeen your beast awakens, on the first blood moon after your birthday a ceremony is held and only the Elders are present to witness which beast chooses you. It is a sacred ceremony that we all look forward to. Our senses awaken from the age of fourteen with enhanced hearing, eyesight, smell, healing and strength.Up until the age of seventeen we are all equal and depending on the beast you get your rank within the lair will determine your future. Sires usually get an indigo beast and rarely a violet one. A violet beast is the strongest one and you are feared and revered when you are blessed with one.Blue beasts are usually a sign that you will be a good second commander or just
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Chapter One
“Morning Martha,” I said as I descended the stairs.“Happy birthday Lucas,” she smiled up at me.Martha has been our cook and oversees the running of the house from before I was born and she’s like a second mother to us. Reeves was the butler and he’s also been part of the household since before my birth.The main house of the lair was divided into two separate parts of the same building. The house had four floors with two separate entrances. The eastern side was reserved for my family and our personal staff while the western side was reserved for guests from other lairs. They were exact replicas of each other with two staircases that led from the ground floor either to the eastern or western side.The ground floor had a large dining room, restaurant standard kitchen, an office for meetings, entertainment room and the library that was open to family, staff and guests alike.The second floor housed all the staff which included Martha and Reeves, Jane and Janet, the two cleaners and the
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Chapter Two
“You should keep your dog on a tighter leash,” Michael yelled from his table as we entered the cafeteria.“Oh boy,” Jax said as Preston laughed. Rev eyed Michael as we walked directly toward them skipping the lunch line completely.The look in Rev’s eyes told me everything. He was going for Michael. They were laughing at us and more of his cronies joined in. Other students stared at us in fear and Carson chose that time to stand on his seat and point to me.“Did you beat up more juniors?” he asked loudly.“Unlike you Carson, we pick on people our own size,” I said to him as Rev launched himself at Michael and tackled him off his chair.They landed with a thud and Rev wasted no time in slamming his fist into Michael’s face. I could smell the blood and I heard his nose crunch as Rev didn’t make a sound. Girls were screaming as Jax and I tried to get Rev off of Michael. Preston stood with his back to us eyeing Carson’s friends and making sure nobody could take a cheap shot at us.“Rev, l
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Chapter Three
We entered through a side door into what seemed like a closed off foyer. Two men guarded the wooden door and they bowed their heads as the Elders stepped through. They gave me a curt nod and bowed their heads at Jesse.“You may now take off your jacket and shirt,” Elder James said to me.I took my jacket and shirt off and Jesse took them and hanged them over the back of a chair. They indicated another chair for me to sit on and I sat down slowly taking in my surroundings. The walls were gold inlaid with intricate carvings and all the different types of beasts were represented on the walls.This place was rich with our history and heritage and I bet that anything you wanted to know about us could be found in here. It would also be heavily guarded at all times to preserve our secrets from outsiders.“Lucas Grey, you are the first born son of Geoff Grey, late Sire of the Grey Lair?” Elder Peter asked me.“Yes Elder,” I confirmed as I stood up.“Do you swear to treat your beast with the r
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Chapter Four
Jax found a movie on the television and I closed my eyes for a few minutes as I lay back on the couch. Five minutes later I felt a small body land on me and I groaned. Hannah had a way of hitting me exactly in the solar plexus driving the air out of my body."I'm sorry," she said softly in my ear and I opened my eyes to look at her."It's okay princess," I said and smiled."You smell like oranges and coffee," she said."You smell like roses and cotton candy," I said as she slid off me and sat down next to me as I moved up to make space for her."Okay Shakespeare what're the plans for the rest of the weekend?" Jax asked me as I wrapped Hannah's hair around my fingers."Money collections and sleep," I said as I closed my eyes again."You promised me a tea party," Hannah said and folded her arms across her chest."And a tea party," I added and I knew she was smiling."You can come too Rev," she said sweetly and I turned my head to see him nod.Rev especially had a very soft spot for Hann
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Chapter Five
I was standing at my locker exchanging my books when I saw her walking towards me. She didn't look at me and opened her locker. She was about five lockers away from me and the hallways were pretty quiet although we weren't completely alone. It was a week later and I had seen her a few times but I hadn't gotten a chance to talk to her again after she flipped me off."So are you going to tell me your name?" I asked her."Why?" she asked me as she looked at me."I'm asking nicely aren't I?""You couldn't be nice if your life depended on it," she said."Ouch, do you like hurting my feelings?" I asked her."Why are you even talking to me, I have a boyfriend and we're not exactly running in the same social circles," she said."Your boyfriend's an idiot," I said to her."And why is that?""If you were my girlfriend I wouldn't give someone the chance to talk to you like I'm doing now," I said to her."Are you flirting with me?" she asked and laughed suddenly."Why do you sound so surprised?"
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Chapter Six
We had a few outstanding payments that we needed to go collect. I hated it when people paid late because it meant that I had to go see them personally and collect my money by any means necessary which normally just involved threats but sometimes we had to get physical.Darwell Montgomery, a notorious drug dealer, owed me fifty thousand dollars. He had made the loan as a start-up for his nightclub and he'd paid back almost all of it except the last fifty grand. The last time my men were there he had produced just excuses and his time was up tonight.I still had some pent up anger and I decided to gee see him myself tonight. One way or another I'd get that fifty grand. I checked the rest of my emails and worked for a few hours, going over paperwork and financials.At eight pm we left the house and took one of the SUV's and drove to Darwell's night club. I had already gotten word that he was upstairs in his VIP section sucking face and drinking. Jax parked the SUV and we climbed out."Ev
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Chapter Seven
"Lucas," she whispered my name as I stared into her eyes. I don't know how it happened exactly but one minute I was looking at her and the next minute I was kissing her.She kissed me back and goosebumps followed as her hands trailed over my shoulders. She pulled me closer and I was half on top of her my hands tangling in her hair. It was like being in a trance when I felt my hands move under the t-shirt and then I pulled it off.She looked at me and before I knew it my hand found her underwear and I pulled it off. I spread her legs with my knees as she tugged on the waistband of my sweats but her hands stilled as I slipped my finger inside her and she closed her eyes.She started rubbing her hand over my erection and I knew that if she kept this up I wouldn't stop, neither of us would and maybe, just maybe, she would regret this in the morning. I pushed myself away from her and she lifted herself on her elbows.I wanted to ask her if she was sure but instead I just kissed her again a
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Chapter Eight
On Monday at school I waited for Rylee but she never showed up and her number on my phone wasn’t working anymore. I was standing at my locker when I saw her emerge from the bathrooms but she saw me and walked the other way.The day dragged on and Rev kept giving me these odd looks. I was quiet and thinking about everything I remembered and everything that had happened between me and Rylee. I saw her walk into the cafeteria but she didn’t look at me although she didn’t look like herself either.We all looked up at the same time as JD jumped up from his seat and Carson pushed him backwards. Rylee was looking at him with fear in her eyes and his face was red with rage as he looked at her and then at Rev.“Shit,” I whispered.“You slept with him!” JD yelled at Rylee and I saw her flinch and stood up.“Did you?” Carson asked her loudly.“No,” she said loudly and looked him in the eye.“Then how do you explain this?” he asked her. He shoved his phone in her face and her eyes widened as she
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Chapter Nine
I joined the guys in the gym and we trained for the next two hours until Hannah pushed the door open and took Rev by his hand. I wondered sometimes if she had a crush on him and how Rev felt with all the attention that Hannah showered him with. For someone that didn’t talk he had forged quite a bond with her.“Hannah, you do know that Rev’s actually our friend,” Jax said.“Just until we get married,” she said and we all stood watching her with open mouths as she led Rev from the room.“Did she just say she was going to marry Rev?” Preston asked.“Poor Rev,” I said and we all laughed.“Are we still heading in to Chicago tonight?” Preston asked me.“Yeah, I need to meet with Jasper O’Connell,” I answered.“Who’s he?” Jax asked.“He’s the Sire of the Chicago lair, we’re negotiating the terms of our alliance tonight,”
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