Chapter 13


“I like this!” Mathew said as he took a bite of the loaf of bread I had made him, I had spread butter and strawberry jam on it, the castle cooks having just finished making the jam as it was now fresh.

“You’ve never tried jam before?” I asked the kid who shook his head giving me a cheeky grin making me smile as he took another mouthful, the door to the dining room was opened revealing Kiara and Ashton who walked side by side, both of them seemed to be talking about something as they walked toward us.

Ashton wore a white loose shirt, which was had the first two buttons and black pants making him look somewhat like a pirate, but that was indeed what made most girls fall for him back in the day, he would be walking inside a room and every girl would fall to his feet, except he paid none any attention especially since he had found his mate.

Though, he was forced to leave her for a while as he knew that he couldn’t t

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