Chapter 120

Third Person Point of View:

“What is the meaning of this?” King Alexander snapped, standing on his feet from the throne as he received the war letter from Prince Nathan “you idiot of a son, is challenging us, to war?”

“What?” Queen Beatrice asked with wide eyes. They had not heard from the prince in months, after Mason had died, all possible spies have feared approaching seeing the body of the second beta as he left that house. Even when the king did try and put another spy, no one refused to be by his side. That only angered him with Delilah who was now locked in the tower despite her mother’s pleads. It turns out, the king did not keep his promise to the queen about trying to build a family. At least not toward the young princess, he kept his part toward the queen. Giving her a chance to prove herself, and loving her through it.

“Nathan has lost his mind” the queen said taking the note from her husband and

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