The Werewolf Prince

The Werewolf Prince

By:  Crystal L  Completed
Language: English
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In a kingdom like no other. Rules seemed uncountable, yet they did not seem to exist. Lives were to be played with. Souls were to be killed. Loyalty was to be bought. And for what? Power. Prince Nathan also known as Alpha and his mate, his Luna Kiara were to face a battle like no other, one to keep their love strong and the other to keep the kingdom safe. Will they be able to win the battle despite all what is to come? Or will they crumble against the enemy’s darkness? ***************** It all started a long time ago, The night he was born, His and Her prophecy was born too, One that would unite an Element manipulator and an Alpha, One that would be saving the kingdom from ultimate darkness.

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T L Nichols
great job for your first
2023-01-30 22:36:21
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Crystal L
Hey guys! Before anyone gives me a 1 star rating, haha. This was my first ever written book, so, yes, I am aware of it not being the best. But hey, it started somewhere, right? haha
2022-12-31 01:38:32
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Nuhj Ollipmir
nice title. i think I like the novel
2021-04-08 06:54:49
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Norma Romero
The main characters of the book appeared to be weak, and too forgiving to people who did them wrong. Are you planning on a second book? The ending left a lot of questions. I got annoyed by the story line
2022-11-25 04:56:57
128 Chapters
Part 1 (The Mating)
She ran, as fast as she could from the orphanage she was forced into.Her mother, her only family had died, and they took her in to take care of her, well that was what she thought.“GET THE GIRL BACK HERE! SHE’S WORTH A LOT AND I WILL NOT AFFORD LOSING HER!” He, the keeper of the orphanage yelled, she could tell that his eyes were flaring with anger, she did not need to look at him to know that he wanted her dead the second he got his hands on her, the thought of that alone frightened the child.He and the man who he was selling her to stood watching as she ran so fast that she thought her legs were going to fall, but she knew that she couldn’t stop, if she did, they would catch her, and if they did, only God knew what they would be doing to her, she herself did not want to find out.“Come on Kiara, come on!” The thirteen-year-old encouraged herself as she ran, the thought of the man catching her is what kept her going
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Chapter 1
Kiara:“Good morning” I smiled at Nina who was laying on the forest floor, the fall air getting colder as we neared winter, her and I knew that we needed to find a place to stay soon or else we would all end up dying from the winter’s cold air.It’s been four years since she had found me in that forest the other night, and since I found out that she was the leader that held everything together here I was honestly impressed, it was then that her and I became inseparable.“Good morning” Nina said removing the hood from her eyes revealing her green eyes, she smiled when she saw me sit down by her side, my blue dress which was worn out from all the stitching I had done to fix it over the year, but I didn’t mind, it covered me and that was technically all that mattered, she for some reason liked wearing tights despite me telling her that these were men clothing, she said they were better when maneuvering around.&ldquo
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Chapter 2
Kiara:I walked through the village with a heavy heart at what I knew Celeste was being prepared to do, the rain had stopped a while ago as I walked and I found myself letting out deep breaths as I calmed myself from the guilt I felt, the girls had every right to be angry whenever it was their turns to be forced to be selling their bodies to disgusting men who seemed to want to please themselves sexually using a female’s body.Being a girl like Celeste, who was probably moping her eyes out right now as Nina watched her get ready, forcing her to act the way she saw fit to please whoever Nina was making the business with, I knew how she would’ve probably wanted to save herself for a man that she loved, a person who would love her back rather than simply use her for pleasure for a few months stay, but Nina was Nina, she didn’t like being talked back to, and she definitely did not like being argued with.Sighing, I found a man who was selling fruit
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Chapter 3
Nathan:“Why, hello there” I smirked looking at my mate who stood frozen before my eyes, she knew that I had seen her stealing from the man, I had paid him for what she took, though she did not technically know that, but I wasn’t going to let a man lose his merchants without getting paid for them.She took a step back, careful not to stumble on anything as she glared at me from hood covered eyes, in normal circumstances, I would’ve never allowed such behaviors, but this was my mate, and I had paid for what she took anyway, therefor why cause a fuss, right?“What do you want?” She asked angrily, her jaw clenched as she looked at me, though I was sure that she was searching for guards around me and not really looking at ME, but she did her best to cover it, which she was actually doing a good job at I must admit.“Oh, darling I do believe that you are in no position to be questioning me right now” I winked at
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Chapter 4
Kiara:I walked back to the campsite feeling somewhat giddy inside, though why I felt that way was something that I could not understand, the way the prince’s eyes met mine did not leave my mind forcing me to involuntarily bite my lip as a smile formed on my face, the mark on my wrist tingling as I approached the campsite, I looked at it to find a faint glow coming out of it making me frown in confusion, I was clearly losing my mind, that was now official.Searching my belt for my dagger as I walked, ignoring the glow that I think I saw, my eyes widened when I realized that I couldn’t find it, mentally slapping myself when I remembered that I had dropped it, but never bothered to pick it up before leaving.It was too late to go back now, the sun was already half way set, and it would take me almost half an hour to reach the forest to look for it, and if it were dark, which was most likely, I wouldn’t be able to find it, and Nina would be causin
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Chapter 5
Nathan:I watched as Kiara walked away to her campsite only to notice her dagger on the forest floor where I had forced her to drop a while ago.I kneeled down and picked it up, noticing a letter K, carved over the silver which was what the handle was made of, smiling, I took the dagger and grabbed a napkin from my pocket and slowly covered the blade with it before clearing my throat for my beta, Daniel, to come out of where he was hiding nearby, he and the other members of my pack had shifted earlier incase my mate got aggressive, which she did, but she didn’t go aggressive to the point where I couldn’t handle her myself, which was why they didn’t make a move, not that I would’ve allowed them to harm her anyway.“Follow her, but don’t make yourself obvious, I want to find out exactly where she lives, and if who she lives with need anything, I’m assuming they’re a lot, but I want you to see and report back to me&rd
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Chapter 6
Kiara:I woke up to the sun hitting my eyes as it rose.Smiling, I stretched my body inside my blanket, well what was left of a blanket, it was too worn out and torn to tell, the only reason I used it as a cover was that I needed to be sure that my body was covered should a lad enter my ‘tent’ to wake me up for whatever reason there was.Rubbing my eyes from sleep and fixing my now messed up curls, I sat up and crawled out of my place, to find Nina already up, a frown prominent on her face as she glared daggers at me, her eyes dark with fury as she grabbed my arm and dragged me to the side of the riverbank before pushing me to the ground roughly, she had never been this aggressive with me before, not even when we fought.“Nina? What the hell?” I asked trying to sit up only for her to pin me to the ground, her knee on my chest as she held me down with her body weight, her eyes still glaring daggers at me yet she said no words, I tri
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Chapter 7
Nathan:“What did you find Daniel?” I asked my beta who was standing in my royal chamber while I sat on my desk, I had work to get back to after this, father arriving here only delayed it, but nevertheless, I needed to start with it somehow.“There are about twenty or thirty people with her there, different ages, but they’re led by a girl, she seems to be in her early twenties” Daniel explained making me frown in confusion, why would a twenty-year-old girl be leading people on the street instead of being married?“Are they all in the same state?” I asked meaning the lack of clothing and probably food, my wolf going restless about the fact that our mate was probably cold outside right now, knowing that she had food for a while as I saw her getting as much as she could carry, but I couldn’t say that what she was wearing would do her any good keeping her warm, but managing to somehow calm him down, assuring him that w
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Chapter 8
Nathan:“Need I ask what you might be doing her Prince Nathan?”“I should be asking you the same thing Prince Ashton” I glared at the human prince who stood in front of me sharing the same glare.“Prince Ashton?” The blonde, Nina, asked wide eyed, her green eyes now turning their attention to the prince who has probably been living with them for years, and yet neither one of them knew of his true identity.Ignoring her, Ashton looked at me with a raised eyebrow, not bothering to answer my question as he looked between Kiara and I, his eyes cold as ice on me, but they would soften when he took sight of my confused mate who was on her knees cradling the child.“Can we talk in private?” I asked looking around the now confused people who were sharing glances, Prince Ashton, noticing it too nodding at me to follow him.“Keep her under watch, I won’t be long” I told Daniel who growl
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Chapter 9
Kiara:I breathed in.Then out.Inhale.Exhale.It seemed to be getting harder to do it as I knew that almost everyone was glaring daggers at me, even though I had technically done nothing other than defend myself against Nina who was raging fires on me.Nina was furious as she watched me walk out of camp, having technically nothing on me but the dagger which Ashton had gotten me, Ashton carrying Mathew who was squirming to get out of his arms to run to mine, her eyes glaring daggers at me as I walked, and had it not been for the wolves standing in front of her, I’m sure she would’ve been having her way with me, that is of course if the prince didn’t have her life before she did, which was not likely as she wouldn’t have been dumb enough to attack me in front of him as not to risk losing her life, but she would’ve definitely attacked.We reached the prince who was indeed standing at the edge of camp waiti
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