Chapter 42


“It is impossible that this king doesn’t have a weakness” I snapped at Ian making Kiara jump at my sudden loud tone. I knew that she didn’t like yelling, but this man was getting on my nerves. We have been trying to find something to kill him with, anything to reverse the spell. But nothing was working.

“He is your twin Niklaus” Ian reasoned and I glared at him. Kiara took my hand in hers and intertwined our fingers seeing how tense I was.

“Screw the bloody day that I was born with that thing called a man” I said angrily.

“Why not try to find the witch who put the spell on him in the first place?” Kiara asked slowly.

“Tried that Queen Kiara, the woman has been killed a long time ago. Verone feared her trying to break the spell. Therefore, he killed her long before she tried anything” Ian said answering Kiara.

“But why would a witch make a spell on a man to

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The Hybrid King. I hope one of their trusted people is a traitor. Positive thoughts that they will find the witch and maybe POS brothers mate.

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