Chapter 48


I glared at the man, my brother, who stood beside the dragon. His eyes amused as he watched the people flee, fear could be seen in their eyes, expressions, and even their body languages. Never had I imagined seeing my brother being this evil. Growing up, the man had the heart of an angel. I will admit that we have been harmed, the humans have not left us alone for years. But that didn’t mean that we had darkened, the man’s heart completely died and he had lost all senses of humanity.

Having sent my mate to the human world. I feared what was to come, and I knew that there was no way for me to handle it if anything happened to her, nor would I be able to focus knowing that she could be in danger at any given moment. At least in the palace, having Lorenzo and Caspian by her side, I would know that she would be somewhat safer than she would ever be here in the kingdom, even if she was with the bastard she called a father.

“I see that your pe

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