The Hybrid King

The Hybrid King

By:  Crystal L  Completed
Language: English
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“Don’t get me wrong” the hybrid king said looking at the human king, his eyes blue eyes piercing the human king’s green ones, it was like he was begging for the king to object, but he knew that he couldn’t it was his people’s life on the line “but this is just a mere game of thrones” “The child is not even born yet, and we do not know if it’s a boy or God forbid, a girl” the human king glared at the hybrid who was making a bargain with him over his own child. “I did not say that it had to be this child King Leonardo” the hybrid king smiled his eyes genuine as he looked at king Leonardo. “And yet, you are forcing me to make a bargain over my own child King Niklaus” King Leonardo snapped. “I am not forcing you King Leonardo, I am merely giving you the option, should I marry your child, then your kingdom is safe, and should you object, then you are forced to accept us on your realm, with your people, until of course our creatures manage to overthrow all of you” the look on King Leonardo’s face told King Niklaus that he had already gotten what he wanted, which was all he needed to hear right now. “Should my daughter be born, and come to age, she will marry you” King Leonardo said in defeat, the hybrid smiled and nodded at King Leonardo. “Pleasure doing business with you King Leonardo”

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it's very well written. i am enjoying reading this. i am wondering do you have any social media to discuss your story further?
2021-07-13 19:25:13
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Christine Jacks Van
I'm hooked
2021-06-13 05:48:55
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Very beautiful and descriptive. Couldn't put it down! There weren't even much mistakes. Enjoyed it very much so, keep up the good work!
2021-06-06 20:36:49
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Barbara Hunter
Quite a few writing mistakes, but still an enjoyable read
2021-06-06 04:50:29
51 Chapters
It’s been years since anyone has seen or heard of the hybrid king that they began to believe that he had lost hope in the girl being born.King Leonardo and his wife, Queen Annalise had made sure to be careful about who entered the palace and who didn’t, making sure to hide their daughter from all eyes, in fear that the hybrid might hear of her being born.The beautiful princess grew as years went by, and she grew more curious with every passing day, she wanted to learn what was beyond these palace walls, why she was never allowed to go out to the palace garden unescorted when it was simply their home, but of course she got no answer, no one would even look at her to explain what was going on, why they were hiding her, and what they were hiding her from, not that she expected them to anyway, she was far used to being ignored by her family by now.“One day, I will learn what is beyond these walls, and when that day comes, no one is going to stop
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Chapter 1
Kiara:“Princess, you know the rules” mother said looking at me, I sighed, despite it being against the rules as well, a princess was never allowed to sigh.“Mother! I am eighteen, I can’t stay locked up forever” I said getting frustrated, it was impossible how they thought that locking me up was okay, my curly brown hair bouncing as I walked behind her in her study, our emerald green eyes met and she shook her head wanting me to stop with the subject, but I wasn’t going to, not until I at least got what I wanted this time.“Kiara, no” mother said sternly.“Mother, please” I begged looking her in the eye “Lorenzo will be with me, and as will Giovanni, why won’t you allow it?”“It is not safe for you out there!” Mother snapped before pinching the bridge of her nose and composing herself and taking a deep breath looking at me, my eyes wide as I stared at her, co
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Chapter 2
Kiara:I ran out of the palace as fast as I could, though I was careful not to be seen.The door however, was a little rusty and was a little hard to unlatch, but I luckily managed to do it without opening it too wide, slipping out of it, then closing it enough for me to reopen when I needed to go back before running out as fast and as far as I could.It took a while, but I was suddenly met by the city lights which made me smile as I saw everything around me up close, I had always seen them from my chamber’s window, but never in front of me.I didn’t realize that I was standing in the middle of the road until a car honked its horn at me causing me to jump in fright and blush at the man who was driving, he shook his head at me and I quickly walked to the side walk and smiled as I watched the beautiful night sky, the lights, the different shops, couples, everything seemed surreal that I feared waking up in the palace, and this being nothing but
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Chapter 3
Klaus:I watched as my future wife, mate, ran out of her palace as fast as she could and smiled.It took her long enough to do it in the first place as I had expected her to run away a long time ago, but then again, she was still too young and innocent for that kind of thing.She stood in the middle of the road admiring the view of the stars and the moon in the night sky, something that she did back when she was in her chamber, therefor to see everything she was seeing right now up-close only made her smile.I walked toward the bakery which was on the side of the road and noticed that they were making a fresh batch of dessert, I looked at my mate once again before vampire speeding toward the bakery and looking at the man who smiled upon seeing me clearly not noticing that I vampire sped toward his door.“Good evening sir” he smiled at me.“Good evening” I smiled back, I looked at my mate once more to find a car honkin
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Chapter 4
Kiara: I woke up with a smile on my face. I was in my chamber. Tucked in bed. In my jeans and black long-sleeved shirt. Hold on… What? “Princess, it’s time to wake up” I heard Emily walk inside my chamber, I tucked myself under the blanket hiding my outfit only for my eyes to widen when I saw a paper beside me under the blanket, the same familiar cursive writing on it catching my eyes. “Princess?” Emily asked looking at me tucked under the blanket, I quickly grabbed the small paper and hid it in one of the pants pockets before muttering sleepily. “Just ten more minutes Emily” I said as I usually did, I knew that she’d walk out as she always did when I asked for them, they usually came to wake me ten to fifteen minutes earlier than I was supposed to be up anyway. My smile widened when I heard the door close as Emily walked out and I untucked myself from under the blanket to open the note, biting my bottom
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Chapter 5
Kiara:The best part about going to a ball was getting ready for it, note the heavy sarcasm, which of course mother would be scolding me for if she heard me, but luckily, she can’t read my mind.At least I hope she can’t.Anyway, back to subject, I had been trying on dresses since eleven in the morning, settling for a cream ball gown, chiffon covered the whole dress giving it a beautiful bridal texture as the sleeves which were draped around my upper arms, though keeping my neck, collarbones, chest, and arms exposed, tight around the waist and then it would loosen all the way to the ground.The heels I chose for the evening were matching beige heels, though they wouldn’t be visible under the long dress, I still had to choose them carefully as my feet may be exposed for whatever reason that may occur and I had to be at my best appearance.Taylor was making my hair, fixing its natural curls into more defined ones as she insisted tha
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Chapter 6
Kiara:“PRINCESS KIARA OF PATRAVIA!”They announced my arrival to the ball, and I stood at the top of the stairs, standing elegantly as I eyed the guests carefully, Patravia, the kingdom where I have grown my whole life, but never had the chance to visit or see.It was odd thinking about it, I read about my kingdom all the time, but had it not been going out two nights ago, I would’ve never had the chance to visit the kingdom, and see what it really was, how the people were, and who they were, in my eyes, only the palace servants and other royalties existed, I’ve never seen any commoners, well, that changed now, but of course no one here knew that.I went down slowly, careful not to trip on my heels, and also giving the ones who were watching a show, I had been trained how to go up and down these stairs so many times, how fast I was supposed to go, where I was to look, which was in front of me, no matter who stood from the guests,
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Chapter 7
Klaus:I looked at the guests who lowered their gazes when they met my intense one, not caring that they had nothing to do with the princess being upset or hurt, just the fact that they saw what they did, the way they did annoyed me, and I made sure to show it.I followed the princess’s scent and heartbeat out of the ball room to find her in the hall close to the door as she wiped her eyes from the tears that fell out of them, slowly making my way toward her, not wanting to frighten or annoy her more than she probably was, I slowly took her hand in mine stopping her from wiping her tears and doing it myself, she involuntarily leaned in to my touch, her body taking over her senses before her mind could process the mating pull.“I apologize for what happened” I said honestly, my eyes meeting hers in a soft gaze, her once emerald green eyes now bloodshot red from crying, I didn’t like the sight, it had my wolf howling as my fangs and canines
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Chapter 8
Klaus:I froze as I looked at the king who dared speak to my mate the way he was, not only has he been abusing her both physically and mentally, I did not want to believe that he would be using her sexually, as I was hoping that he wasn’t or else that would force one huge problem between the two of us, as I would not rest, regardless what the princess would say, until I had his life.“Need I ask what the princess has done to be exiled?” Prince Caspian, the man who was supposed to be her husband, asked, it didn’t please me that he was the one to ask, but he was right, the princess had done nothing to be put in such a situation.“You will not be questioning my decisions Prince Caspian”“The princess is my fiancé and wife to be King Leonardo”“I believe that the agreement, which you have clearly heard yourself little prince, clearly stated that the princess would be MY wife when she reaches
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Chapter 9
Kiara:I looked between Lorenzo, the guard who has been by my side for years now, Giovani, who didn’t seem phased by what his partner has done, King Niklaus who kept his eyes on me, as if the fallen body meant nothing, then at Emily, who was dead, right before my eyes, with a hole in her chest, her heart thrown by her side as Lorenzo tossed it on the ground, my hands shaking at the sight and my heart racing in fear as I fought myself not to run away from what I had just witnessed.“Why?” I asked, it was the only word I could voice out without throwing up, the sight being frightening to me as it was the first time I’ve seen something this barbaric in my life, not even animalistic, an animal would never be pulling a heart out and shoving to the side this coldly, none of them seeming worried or frightened by what had happened a mere few minutes ago.“She has hurt you badly, betrayed your trust in her, and told your parents on you despi
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