Chapter 4


I woke up with a smile on my face.

I was in my chamber.

Tucked in bed.

In my jeans and black long-sleeved shirt.

Hold on…


“Princess, it’s time to wake up” I heard Emily walk inside my chamber, I tucked myself under the blanket hiding my outfit only for my eyes to widen when I saw a paper beside me under the blanket, the same familiar cursive writing on it catching my eyes.

“Princess?” Emily asked looking at me tucked under the blanket, I quickly grabbed the small paper and hid it in one of the pants pockets before muttering sleepily.

“Just ten more minutes Emily” I said as I usually did, I knew that she’d walk out as she always did when I asked for them, they usually came to wake me ten to fifteen minutes earlier than I was supposed to be up anyway.

My smile widened when I heard the door close as Emily walked out and I untucked myself from under the blanket to open the note, biting my bottom lip as I read through it.

-Last night was lovely, and I hope to repeat it again, please accept my small present to you as it was a pleasure meeting you princess.


I looked at the small black box which was also beside me under the blanket, opening it revealing a silver bracelet with crystals all around it making my eyes widen as I looked at the beautiful present.

My smile widened as I realized that everything that happened last night was real, it wasn’t simply a dream, but how I ended up in bed was beyond me, how the guy, Klaus, always entered my chamber and spoke to me? All these questions ran in my mind, but one thing made me smile.

All of it was real.

I really did leave the palace last night, and I really did meet him.

Smiling, I quickly got out of bed and ran to the closet room to put on my nightgown and hiding the bracelet in my jewelry box, then running back into bed before Emily walked in, careful to throw the note in the fireplace like I had done with the one before.

Better safe than sorry.


It was a bit of a long hectic day between classes and my duties in the palace, but it was by all means one of the most beautiful days of my life.

My smile could be seen a mile away, even mother noticed the change in my stamina when I walked into the dining room looking like I just won a prize of a lifetime, which in my opinion, I have, just the memory of last night, how nice the people were, how beautiful he was, his blue eyes on mine, the spark I felt when he looked at me, how my heart fluttered upon hearing his voice, everything that happened made me smile.

“Princess, you know the rules about zoning out” mother scolded glaring at me as we sat in the dining room for dinner, father was telling us about a ball that was to be happening in the palace tomorrow evening and mother was explaining how the preparations for it were going, but I was never usually allowed to contribute in any conversation, therefor why would I really be paying them much attention.

“I apologize my queen, it had been a long day” I said answering her formally, I usually did when I was in the presence of any of the servants, it was not allowed for me to address the king and queen as mother or father in front of anyone who was not related to us, or of our rank, therefor outside their chamber or mine, I was to call them my king and queen, however, I don’t even remember calling father by that name since I was a kid as I was usually being scolded or yelled at by him, we never really did spend any quality time together.

“A long day? Your teachers have been telling me that you’ve been on your best mood all day” father stated looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

“It had been a long day my king, as I was on duty since eight in the morning until nearly six in the evening, but yes I have had a goodnight sleep which is why I was relaxed” I said answering him calmly, putting my left hand on my right wrist as I wore the bracelet that Klaus had gotten me.

Father shrugged me off turning to mother and speaking to her about the ball like I did not exist once again, not that it bothered me any longer, it was better this way anyway, as the only things he did manage to do were criticize or yell at me, and right now, I wanted to hear neither of them.

“What will you be wearing princess?” Mother asked looking at me, this time I had been paying attention to what they were saying therefor I wasn’t as surprised when she had addressed the question to me.

“The tailors have made me a few new ball gowns for the ball, I will be trying them on tomorrow morning and choosing the one I like most, then I’ll be having the girls bring in Taylor to make my hair and makeup” I said looking at mother, who nodded and looked at father whose eyes were cold as he looked between the two of us listening to my answer.

I took a bite out of my fondue only for mother to glare at me making me almost frown in confusion at what I had done wrong this time, but I quickly managed to control my expression and put my spoon down waiting for her to tell me what had bothered her.

“We have a ball tomorrow evening, and here you are still eating, let alone having dessert” mother scolded, I lowered my gaze avoiding her eyes, I had been losing so much weight lately having not been eating properly as I’ve been losing my appetite that I thought that having a bite or two of dessert wouldn’t bother mother, but then again this was mother we were talking about, I was to die of starvation before she would admit that I lost weight.

“I apologize my queen” I said avoiding her hard gaze, I did not like being in such situations, with the guards and maids watching me in silence in the background as I was scolded like some five-year-old, sadly though, I had no other choice or option.

“You are dismissed” father said wanting me to leave the dining table, not saying a word, I slowly stood up, bowed, then turned to the door, Emily and Natasha both looking at me with sad eyes as they saw the pain in my eyes, though none of them dared open her mouth to speak, mother and father would have their heads if they said a word.

“Your classes are canceled tomorrow, be sure to get enough sleep, and to be ready before seven as the ball begins at eight and we need to be sure that you look proper as we don’t want to be embarrassed by any of your actions” mother said making me stop my tracks, I closed my eyes stopping my tears from falling, keeping in mind my evening with Klaus last night, how I felt happy and carefree.

I turned to face mother, giving her a quick nod and bow before turning back around and nodding at Lorenzo to open the door, him walking in front of me, and both Natasha and Emily walking behind me.

Lorenzo opened my chamber door for me and I walked inside furiously wiping my tears which kept falling as I remembered mother and father’s harsh attitude toward me, the way they treated me like I was some disaster that has fallen over their heads, or like I was a disgrace to the two of them pained me a lot more than I would dare to admit.


“Leave Emily” I ordered.


“I said leave!” I snapped turning to face her and Natasha before sitting on the edge of my bed looking away from both girls who stood frozen at the sight of me, I was usually far more composed than I was now, being used to all this, thinking that this was how everyone was treated and how everyone dealt, but after seeing how life was out of the palace.

How nice the people were to one another, even if some were clearly not the nicest, but they still treated one another with respect, I wondered why I was never treated the same way, why have I always been treated like I was a mistake? Something they should’ve been rid of a long time ago; it didn’t make sense to me.

It was a while until I calmed down, Emily and Natasha did not leave my chamber no matter how many times I asked them to, probably worried that I’d be injuring or hurting myself, but then again no one would be caring if I did.

I looked at the two of them who were eyeing me keenly, wondering what I would be doing or how I would be reacting.

“Please prepare the bath for me”

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