Chapter 11


I opened my eyes to the sound of a bird chirping on my window.

It took me a few seconds to register where I was when I realized that this was not my chamber back home and that I had left the palace last night.

My eyes widened when I realized that my mother had lost her child and I had left her alone to deal with whatever wrath father was going to throw her way, only to remember that I was exiled by my father because mother had lost the baby in the first place, the look mother had given me as if silently begging me to leave the castle and free myself from the prison I was living in.

I was lost of words at everything that had happened last night that I didn’t notice the door to my chamber being gently opened and a girl who looked like a maid, slowly walked in to I’m assuming wake me.

The girl froze at the sight of me awake and sitting with my back leaning against the headrest as I was lost in thought, my fingers fiddling with the d

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The Hybrid King. Yay Kiara. Leave the past behind and take care of you. Love life with Klaus.

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