Chapter 6


Dante was about six foot, give or take, and his eyes were almost green up close.

The same gold that spilled into the ones that had gazed at me from the wolf’s eyes swirled with the green hues, and I knew.

I haven’t imagined it.

This guy is a werewolf.

I’d heard whispers about the mysterious Seven clan that lived out in the woods. No-one ever saw them, and no-one dared venture in.

Yet here I was, in a flat above a gym with one.

Glancing around, I can’t help but wonder if the rumours are true.

If they are indeed millionaires, then why was this one living in such a basic flat? There was a battered sofa pushed up against one wall, none of the windows I’d seen had curtains, and the floor was…ripped.

Dante gazed out of the window, his breathing warming the glass in clouds of smoke

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